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  • nick.mach nick.mach Jun 1, 2010 10:19 AM Flag

    Hate to say it guys

    but get ready for gut wrenching decline.

    It will be like a chinese water torture.

    Won't buy any more until around 1.00

    Good Luck

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    • NichMach still losing money shorting GOLD? For a dumb guy you have a good sense of humor (-:

    • I'd love to know the basis for such a projection. There was a LOT of institutional dumping that got this stock down to $1 last year...along with wholesale dumping of micro-cap stocks in a market panic, along with poor financial results at the company, huge goodwill and deferred tax asset write downs, dramatic sales declines, loan covenant violations, etc., etc., etc.. It was really really ugly, and has now gotten dramatically better.

      Is Franklin going to dump, and drive it down to $1? Is DFA going to? Who is the institution or entity that is going to create that kind of selling pressure??

      I think you're pretty much full of you know what, with your $1 projection. And just trying to create selling pressure, so you can buy more stock.

      For the record, I have not materially changed my own personal holdings in COBR, since my last press release. (I'm currently at 9.9%.)

    • If it gets that low, I will be a mini LTF. Who knows, I may have to file a 13D if that happens.