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  • cobralookinggood cobralookinggood Jan 28, 2011 7:36 PM Flag

    BUYER ***

    Someone: fund, entity or individual , went off and scooped up nearly 30,000 shares in the last 30 minutes today.
    Had a 50,000 share day earlier in the week.
    Quite surgically done IMHO.
    Someone, obviously, likes it and wants in NOW,despite the biggest down day in the market in 9 weeks. Impressive. IMO

    Perhaps that 4-5-6 # that our resident, large holder, has indirectly implied, is happening much sooner than I thought possible.
    Nonetheless, bring it on.
    gotta give him(lt) tons of kudos, it took moxie to buy the position he did. Must have done a lot of homework to have bought such a large % of the outstanding shares here. My guess he's looking for a large, much larger number here.

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    • Well the offering was lifted, yet again, in the 'bottom of the ninth', just before the close...

    • How many shares did the shark eat today, when the stock hit an intraday low of $3.32 yet only ended the day with a volume of 12,954 shares against a three-month average of 17,634?

    • I agree that it was heartening to see a block trade cross, at the upper end of recent trading ranges.

      By the way, why don't you contact me private at

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      • Thanks, so much, for the invite, however, for now, could we keep it on these boards..low key is good in all aspects 4 me, although I'd like to keep the invitation open 4 consideration...

        For now, short term, I'm short the market, long oil, long cobra and few others.
        I like the value in HTCH, but hate the company and it's management--clueless.

        PNX--annuities, OMG, toxic fuel yet to be deleveraged. Much like our banking system, which is FULL of toxic waste(mortgages) any company with annuities, I believe will have it's day of reckoning.( sooner than later).
        STC--like the value, but when I factor out the toxic waste I come up with a book barely over $10.00 and not much on the cash flow side?

        I don't mind buying debt laden companies. But they had their depression and bounces a few times between 2007-2009 and are apt for another panic sell off. So I find it imperative to see the toxic waste( goodwill)non-producing intangible assets and the like as zeroed out and than getting to the true test: the cash flow current and predicted.
        Given Friday's drop, biggest in 9 weeks, we may start(i believe) seeing much larger volatility in the markets going forward, much like we did beginning in June 0f 2007 when the uptick rule was removed.( thanks to Goldman).

        There is IMHO a definite aggressive buyer in COBR. Perhaps a buyout coming, time will tell.
        the MIDDLE EAST (EGYPT) tensions may go on till September.
        China may panic and start buying oil here.
        Where things are today is irrelevant,where they head is. I want to be in front of that.