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  • cobralookingood cobralookingood Feb 24, 2012 8:12 AM Flag

    Perfect set-up/foundation for COBR

    Blew the 30 cent eps estimate away

    Consolidated margins 4th quarter-impressive.., again

    Seeking alpha, yesterday ----
    "Cobra Poised to move on earnings release".---

    Dow about to cross 13000 *** (multi-year high)
    consumer sentiment out today

    VOXX GRMN AAPL and many other electronics company reporting, and their stocks responding well/great/fantastic (check for yourself)

    Google(android) has cobra in the booth in Spain? Are you kidding me ?? Apple stores stock/sell cobra products ?? Amazon sales ??

    Joyride--I-radar--cobra-tag--cb's, detectors, two-ways, inverters,NUMEROUS other products new and old.

    Growth companies, like Cobra , command higher PE's than value-or deep-value-garbage plays.

    I am willing to bet, this 'come-back' story will generate it's share of press, in the short term. Everyone loves a good story.
    Analysts will write them up.
    Funds will buy their shares.

    These are things that happen you are re-discovered by the investment community..

    is ONLY a 65 million market cap here.that's cheap IMHO.
    and YES having sold 2.5 BILLION in product the last 20 years is big deal. Lots of adapting and innovating during their 50 + years in business. at times survival .
    ever heard of repeat business, loyalty?? name recognition ?
    expect further, higher profits for 2012.....

    great job Cobr !!!

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    • your enthusiasm was a little premature

      the question is whether Bazet can get his act together and do better then showing a "seasonality quarterly loss" in the next earnings report?

      it just goes to prove that the buyers who ran up the stock did not have a clue as to the mediocre earnings report- it also goes to prove the point that I have been making over the past several years- Bazet has been an ineffective leader

      I bought stock on the hype before the earnings at $5 and doubled-down today at around $4.70

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      • Us mere humans simply cannot grasp the omnipotent Bazets grasp on the long term.

        He is in the very early stages of a 90 year turnaround and cant be bothered with short term thinkers who will be gone in a decade or two.

        And he takes special pride in the $578,000 worth of merchandise he donated to a soon to be bankrupt company.

        Us mere humans cannot begin to understand the global good that this man is doing for mankind.

        Jim Bazet is a hero !

    • Are you making this stuff up? Where are you seeing a .30 estimate? Company had said Q4 would be better than Q4 last year, so we knew they would be above .36 from last year. I was actually hoping for more of an increase so was slightly disappointed. My guess is you'll be able to buy this stock around $5 again soon.

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      • This is also my take.

        Given the strength of the stock during the last days before earnings I thought some real good numbers may have leaked. To justify a stock price of $6+ sales should have been at $40 million or more and profit at around $3 million. I will be a seller today, if the stock trades above $6. I also guess that we can pick it up again around $5 or lower in May or June. Otherwise I will stay for the long term - where is the dividend?