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  • robertel65 robertel65 Sep 10, 2011 4:26 AM Flag


    HI skiidady just read your post.

    No I have the TOAD on ignore so I only see his "STARS"

    Can you believe he used 42 screen names to star some of my posts,very sad, and he has no money and lives in that crap hole.

    We have arrived in France and will be here until mid Oct.

    ACCP very slow but we are getting it done now, but I still await sold results.

    Bon chance

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    • stinky will be heartbroken to realize you don't read his posts, it is his life after all. Enjoy France and be happy you aren't stuck in Louisville Kentucky the rest of your life. I've recently put the majority of his ID's on ignore also but oddly enough he still occasionally finds one that isn't. What a strange existence.