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  • sixftleprechaun sixftleprechaun Jul 16, 2007 8:05 PM Flag

    INSM DD Ihbub and real DD

    There seems to be the same posters pumping INSM and Ihub.Ihub is a cheerleaders squad.I bought some INSM.
    There are 2 indications the company will advance.
    HARS and MMD
    The company is building a biologics staff and has an FDA approved plant,but no one knows the extend of manufacturing requirments or the competitive landscape.
    The cancer indication is very early,far earlier than some biotechs that have lost big time in trials 5 years past these(that humbly I have lost on)
    Yahoo has a ignore that lets you filter out some who seem not to have a job and trash the MB all day long, but just a few reads and only a few remain.
    jmho,but a buyer with money could walk away with INSM for a very cheap price?and I wonder why not?whats stopping them?
    I fear they think they can get it for a lower price than what I got in for thats for sure

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    • Do you really like INSM???

    • Here are facts:

      Insiders are buying:
      Crooke, Graham K., DIR Buys 06/27 10,000 shares
      Tully, Kevin P., CFO Buys 06/27 43,300 shares
      Glover, Steve C ., PR Buys 06/25 80,000 shares
      Allan, Geoffrey, CB Buys 06/21 165,000 shares

      Peter Lynch (his opinion): "[I]nsiders might sell their shares for any number of reasons, but they buy them for only one: they think the price will rise."

      Major biotech institutional investor Tang bought:
      05/04/07 6,000,000 shares
      05/04/07 Warrants to Buy 605,904 shares @ $1.10

      July 12, 2007 Allan, Glover & Tully met individualy with reps from each of the following:
      Collins Stewart
      Crestview Capital
      Alexandra Investment

      Short Interest is very low.

      HARS and MMD are moving forward with formal Phase II trials that are desired to be Phase III enabling and if they are TRCA/DNA have opt-in partnership with INSM if they come up with 1/2 the past R&D costs and 1/2 the future R&D costs.

      INSM just hired ex-Amgen guy to run follow-on biologics division and has stated that it is aiming to have a biogenerics partner by the end of 2007.

      As to the statement that "a buyer with money could walk away with INSM for a very cheap price," that's true to a point. The point being that INSM management would have to agree to the price, which is part of the reason INSM's Corporate Governance Quotient (CGQ�) is better than 95.1% of CGQ Universe companies and 87% of Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences companies. The only other alternative is a tender offer such as AirTran's for Midwest Airlines.

      It's a way and see at this point, but with all the posts like yours and the bashers going crazy I've definitely concluded that there is accumulation going on here. INSM has seen this before. Check out Tully's last and only prior open market share purchase in March 2003 and what happened to the sp afterwards, LOL!

      Sellers now are just impatient folks or manipulating hedgies.

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