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  • sixftleprechaun sixftleprechaun Sep 13, 2007 11:19 PM Flag

    Why Yahoo deleted Bruno

    great point and it makes sense.This is one of the ignores that put up conjecture and distortion.The company has stated there will be 30-50 patients as far as I know and the revenues over a million a quarter.If anyone has PROVEN information please post a link to statements not postings from a spam MB.The Italian government is analyzing the data of the above patient number which may not seem large but look at the size of the Phase3 Short stature trial.That data(current Italy) will be used as a possible basis of a better stuctured trial.The "big revenues" are small and should not be what is focused on (after getting their cut).The results will be the big story.

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    • MDA Page

      "Some 50 people with ALS in Italy are receiving Iplex through Insmed�s �expanded access� program"

      March 7, 2007
      Italians With ALS Gain Access to Drug
      The Italian Ministry of Health recently asked Insmed, a Richmond, Va., biopharmaceutical company, to make its drug Iplex available to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) patients in Italy. The request has been granted.

      Iplex is a combination of insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF1) and IGF binding protein 3. It�s approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to treat certain types of growth failure in children, and it�s also being tested in people with myotonic muscular dystrophy

      Almost all IGF1 that circulates in the bloodstream is attached to IGF binding protein 3, so the combination may be a better mimic of human physiology than IGF1 alone.

      IGF1 is being tested alone in a large-scale, multicenter trial in ALS, for which data analysis is scheduled to begin this summer. That compound, known as Myotrophin, failed to meet criteria for FDA approval in two earlier trials.

      Some 50 people with ALS in Italy are receiving Iplex through Insmed�s �expanded access� program. �We hope data collected from the Italian patients who are participating in this expanded access program will be useful for further clinical development of Iplex and/or IGF1 for this indication,� said Geoffrey Allan, president and CEO of Insmed.

    • 50 patients is it.All the cherleading in the world wont increase that number very much.
      From Bruno to zip to kvnmcdd revenues are and will remain small.

      I see that zippie the clown has his usual 150 posts a day
      What a lonely clown

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      • I was waiting on your post on that one buddy. The company said 30 then 50 and more adding.

        As you can see the numbers climb by 20 or so every time the release info.

        Also dosage goes up and the cost of those doses are paid by Italy government.

        These numbers are going up. And will continue to rise and there is nothing you are any of your basher short buddies can do to stop it.

        What will happen whent he news is released? Don't get caught with your short paints down bubba!
        Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

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