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  • sixftleprechaun sixftleprechaun Nov 15, 2007 1:46 PM Flag

    just a reminder regarding 10 days above 1.00

    First of all it is up to the Nasdaq to decide and is NOT automatic.
    I have seen many go down on the first try and all these posters acting like they are on the nasdaq bd are silly.
    Dr Allan told you 2007 was going to be a "breakout year"
    Evidently Glover misquoted the FOB timeline.
    and of course my favorite- "only a small royalty"
    When these posts are acting like this management are experienced in the Bio field makes me laugh.They are fools and look at what they had and where they are . Which do you believe?

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    • you are true, it is up to the Nas board, but looking at their history, one could make a pretty good assumption that they will continue to perform as they have in the past.
      just to let you know I am not starry eyed...Calpine was delisted ot OTC and then Pink in less then a was sudden, calculated, and stunning.
      Massive share plummet...fear etc.

      But... those who rode the wave were rewarded with up to 1600% in less then 2 years. I managed to squeak 500%.

      So... it is really a matter of many factors. It turns out there was some real hanky panky with calpine, and the Board was "gotten to" because calpine was a major corp with 27 billion in assets and critical to the energy grid in the US... (I was a named claiment in a motion with Calpine in '06)

      So it can go either way.
      I can tell you if it get's delisted, this boy will be selling body parts to buy more INSM, and the designation of .pk or .otc will not matter one iota.

      What's your agenda leprachan.... as I was remembering...leprechans are always trying to steal people's gold?

    • Thats your opinon but I have to ask you, Did you ever get a drug through the FDA approval process and win FDA approval for that drug?

      If so great and you have my undieing respect. If not why dont you STFU about how inexperienced INSM's Mgt is becuase you obviously do not have a clue!

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