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  • blueyedcatch blueyedcatch Dec 12, 2012 4:05 PM Flag

    Holy manipulations Batman----------

    Even the caped cruisader can`t fight these thieves.I was really hoping that the shorts on INSM would wind up with a lump of coal in their stockings from their shorting us but it looks like they never lose because no ones policing their manipulation.I mean did you see the close?Total #$%$$$$

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    • manipulation! Anyone else get that words are supposed to represent a meaning?!? Look at the definition of "manipulation" and then judge who is posting to "spam up the SP" and who is posting to "spam down the SP." Then there are some idiot Longs like me that believed that INSM was part of this manipulation. Some of us were looking towards INSM going "up" and staying "up" and what that would take. But that infomation directly interferes with the "YoYoERS" who keep buying and selling this same stock based on HYPE followed by DISPAIR that affect investors every day. The only thing I can say is the SP is artificially down and is just about routinely artificially high. But now that CEO Lewis is on board, the "safe harbor/foreward looking" statement are going to be a lot more "incisive" and "predictable" for some investors. Not manipulatore, MMs, Spammers, Bashers, or "paper hangers."

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      • If you are seeking an answer to the term manipulation or the reality of it in the market,you are clearly at the wrong place.
        This board has and always has had zero effect on the outcome of Insmeds valuation.

        No one is able to "spam up or down trading" or effect anything regarding Insmed as an investment.
        "manipulators, MMs, Spammers, Bashers, or "paper hangers." are boogie men that do not exist.It is as delusional as Evelyns $500 dollar next year.

        The value for me is the sentiment expressed and the occasional poster such as yourself who add information.

        Your sentiment is Buy ? ...we dont have timeline to match that, but sentiment to me is when I put money in the to cocktails.. I'm in Hana, perhaps one of the most beautiful places on earth... now thats reality!
        Good Luck

    • INSM is not a good short target for them since there are too many upcoming catalysts for a small float company. Often with low volume and decreasing price some longs start getting concerned and traders also sell - that is how mkt functions then when it stabilizes and buyers step in they all want in.
      The risk/reward here is not good for shorts since big funds can wipe them out and any hint of good news can cause a large rally...Also difficult since there are not any forseeable negative news in next few months...

    • how did they pump up the price of INSM?
      When I read a post like this I understand why the shorts target companies like INSM.Fools like this poster who knows nothing about stocks.Total ###$%$ FOR SURE!

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