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  • fudfighter4 fudfighter4 Jan 14, 2013 9:14 AM Flag

    This free advice will not always be available to us

    It was rather humbling to note that four of the most experienced investors who use this forum sacrificed part of their Quality Time with their families this Sunday to give us the benefit of their thoughts.

    One doesn't have to look at more than a handful of their posts to realise what sets them apart. All four are obviously successful people and savvy investors whose opinions should be of value to the rest of us.

    Yet nobody who has been following Insmed for any length of time could fail to recognise the blatant stupidity of the following contributions from them -

    1. Accugrowth -

    "Removal of the Executive Team indicates that INSM is working on a merger."

    Apart from his drawing such a ridiculous conclusion from developments which included the arrival of a highly-paid CEO - this is the same individual who advised us in 2007 that "INSM bears full responsibility for developing IPLEX for ALS and there are no roadblocks by DNA or TRCA.". Most investors at the time saw DNA / TRCA's insistence that ALS (like Short-stature) be a NON-PERMITTED Indication under the Settlement Agreement as a MAJOR roadblock. He's been giving us the benefit of his expertise under that id since 1998.

    2. Bandehcamilo -

    "Don't forget about the 99 cents store in less than 6 months."

    This "powerful families" / "secret followers" clown has been using that id since 2000.

    3. Rehdvm -

    "$6 when WL announces that 10 patients have been successfully treated in NTM study and CTDOTG indicates the study is ongoing. Until that time, INSM will be yoyoing over this nickle."

    This self-appointed advisor on medical and regulatory matters maintained that efficacy is not assessed before Phase III of the clinical trial process. He also dismisses the ongoing Phase II clinical trial of the Inhaled Lipid Cisplatin compound Eleison Pharma is developing (under an out-licensing agreement with Insmed) as "preclinical development". When he made that "yoyoing" prediction the share price was around $4. He's been using that id since 2004.

    4. Terry -

    "Will the dog results do anything to this stock ? or are they factored in?"

    This individual had nothing better to do on Christmas Day than to try to annoy the honest investors who use this forum by reposting around twenty zero-value contributions from himself and rehdvm. When the share price originally started to move away from the $4 range he dismissed it as a "false move". He stayed on the sidelines because he expected a fiscal cliff. He's been bloviating in these forums under numerous ids for even longer than Accugrowth. Insm_truth_teller, eastofhgwy1, keyser_sooze, reg_dossier, themanfromkolob and backwardpalm are ids he has recently used in addition to his terry id.


    How long should it take somebody who really does have what it takes to be a successful share trader to become sufficiently wealthy that he has better things to do with his life than to spend it in these forums?

    When will these four individuals realise that their charades are so transparent?

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