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  • terry_insm terry_insm Jan 16, 2013 9:08 AM Flag

    The truth about Iplex

    Still waiting for ALS Data from Italy? when everyone knows the program ended years ago?

    Still waiting for Ipsens approval so someone can manufacture the drug?

    Accugrowth and redh2003 have said now !! Its Easy to manufacture Iplex now! that was so 1990!

    Last summer I spoke with the president of a small bio that had a rights deal with Insmed about the possible re-emergence of Iplex..
    ... no matter what she said or what I post,but we DO know a few things.
    Iplex is not being manufactured nor is it a quick process. Iplex will have to be newly manufactured for a real trial to begin.

    I have always maintained that Iplex was dead until we saw money come in for investment and we now have news -in the form of governments research grant (8mUS$). We do know Iplex is in the lab.

    Accugrowth has smartly changed his position from one of News! soon! till wait till 2014 and see what data or deals may happen.I am glad he has finally come around to my position ; - )

    Iplex will not go away in the minds of a few clowns here who spread unsubstantiated hype of a discontinued drug-In the lab ROP is promising
    I hope to hear of real news of Iplex and ROP,after 4 years the drug is getting some money for research,but should have no place for investors of this "new"company Insmed

    Good Luck

    From $7.81 ....
    By terry_insm.Nov 16, 2012 7:31 PM.P
    Right now the smart money is the short interest
    Good Luck

    Sentiment: Sell

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    • Wedbush who is the only ones foolish enough to say with a straight face they believe Insmed can achieve these numbers,(although they did do $15 ! Buy buy ! ( now $11) that Insmed can launch the drugs in 3-5 years. and market penetration usually takes another 2-4 years....but thats all we have to go on,no one else wants to cover Insmed
      90% of orphan drugs do less than 200 M, so that wuld be a good starting basis.

      Some have been quoting 30k a year for this bong machine but I find that hard to believe,Insurance would heavily restrict coverage( Ask Dendreon)even for a horrible disease.

      @ a valuation of currently of 200 Million I would say the stock is a tad bloated,so perhaps thats why
      the shorts came in.

      Insmed needs brokerage coverage to move and Wall street is ignoring the company.
      Good Luck

    • the no-nuthins are so accurate. whew!

      hope some took Avon yesterday - I did- )
      by terry_insm.Feb 12, 2013 10:24 AM" C, NUAM , Avon etc ..just stating......."and 3 hrs later Woah!
      Good Luck

    • Technically getting close
      Volume a dismal 11k
      Good Luck

      From $7.81 ....
      By terry_insm. Right now the smart money is the short interest
      Good Luck

    • Tim?
      Perspective on a bio with great results and speculation

      Oncolytics Biotech announces positive Reolysin clinical trial data
      Oncolytics Biotech announced results examining percent overall tumour shrinkage data from its U.S. Phase 2 clinical trial in patients with squamous cell carcinoma of the lung, or SCCLC, using intravenous administration of Reolysin in combination with carboplatin and paclitaxel. The analysis examined percent best overall tumour changes between pre-treatment and up to six treatment cycles. Of 20 evaluable patients, 19 exhibited overall tumour shrinkage.

    • Like the general market ^NBI has doubled since the 2009 correction and has moved up + 50% in the last year.
      Many talking heads are talking up the "market top", but few are addressing a very similar situation in biotech.
      The last strong move like this was last seen in the early 2000s and then 10 years of down and sideways which is a repeat of the 90s.
      You cant pick a top,but you can see it forming here. Insmed's timing of data release will definately be affected by the market conditions in bios

      YTD +27% short since $7.81 ..........

    • The comment pertained to the general market not Insmed.

    • The clowns who use this type of vitriol show their ignorance to sound investing.

      Stocks move up and down and the short trade has been the smart INSM trade more often than
      As I and others have pointed out,a short investing in Insmed would have made the type of money so often and foolishly posted here by "true longs" who think a short is somehow not being truthful or faithful to a company.

      Investors laugh at the fudzipkevie morons who continue to make investment mistake after mistake while investors make money staying on the safe and less risky side of the trade, at times a long, at times a short.

      A short adds liquidity to trading and I say the really dishonest ones here are the hedge funds who pumped INSM up and suckered kvncmcdd hubby and others to buy a stock that went up a 100% with a 26 M dollar dilution. Only a fool believes that move was real. blueeyedcatch is one such fool now on ignore

      Good Luck
      PS- short since $7.81 and profitting.

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      • downbythewater Feb 5, 2013 7:16 PM Flag

        Dr.Patrick Byrne who led the fight before the financial crisis of 2008 against the naked shorts(who attacked his company "O"verstockdotcom explained as you have that short selling is a honorable and espected trading vehicle.With Insmed it is very small and you are taking advantage.Ignore the yellers.GLTU

      • You should see the responses

        "he really dishonest ones here are the hedge funds who pumped INSM up and suckered kvncmcdd hubby and others to buy a stock that went up a 100% with a 26 M dollar dilution. Only a fool believes that move was real. "

        I would say shorting is honest investing until it is used by big money to manipulate.

      • Vitriol. That's a pretty big word for you and all your B.S. aliases. You are some kind of Loser that posts all day long with all your different names. What a phony FOS poster you are. Seldom do you back up what you post with any facts. Your track record here is clearly delineated with dishonesty, as you have an agenda that suits only you. You wouldn't know honesty if it slapped you in the face. The only posters who believe you are your aliases. Al sure has you pegged. LOSER!!

    • Shorts love naive biotech investors like the ones here who predict 20 dollars soon! or Iplex! or Arikace is the next big thing. I am up 27% this year
      The science will be decided later this year.
      There is also the issue of a hedge fund manager managing a startup bio.

      kevie and most all others are underwater and had a chance to re balance ...hmmm 29 thumbs on good advice
      "Strategies to get out even (since most are in for around 90 cents) " would have given many here a chance to get on the right side of the trade.

      Sunday morning charts - wave 5 of Elliot will be another STRONG factor for Insmed
      Good Luck

    • You again invested heavily 2 days before the obvious next leg down 20% ................... and you are mad at me?

      Trenton ..... Whatever
      No one uses their real name

      took the 4.5pts and Ravens.very risky!
      Good Luck

      ps- Terry_insm . Jan 31, 2013 9:01 AM .
      "but technically we are tipping..... (short since 7.81)"

      ....and 3 hours later tip we did

    • Celsion, like Insmed has little Institutional support.

      If you take out Insmeds hedge funds, who pumped up a 40 cent stock up 100% with a 26 M dilution.....very small.

      hubby and the clowns make the same mistakes over and over.
      They lost a ton on Insmeds iplex, yet buy again a new drug(same co name) with high risk (they refuse to admit the 2009 loss)........

      Wall street is giving you plenty of signals...
      at least Celision had 4 analysts...

      Good Luck
      YTD +29% .... half money in the bank half on paper..see the next signal?

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      • The volume is the same no interest, no institutions, no analysts,.....just like before your hedge fund friends came in to manipulate this stock.

        by terry_insm.Oct 27, 2012 12:00 PM.
        "The institutional data will tell more of the story but the main story is Willie the hedge fund president and the 26 M dollar betting parlor ".

      • $4.80
        How am I doing? =)

      • 3. Are Bashers often mild or full-blown cases of personality disorder?
        a. If you follow Yahoo message boards, you often find complete jerks who post junk, insult people, and generally ruin the board, and yet they are not bashers. They are jerks. I suppose that since most boards are followed by longs (longs being more common than shorts), a good place to be a jerk (or to pretend to be wealthy and smart) is on a Yahoo Board. Unlike polite company, you are never forced to leave. To my observation, many Bashers display in their syntax, spelling, punctuation that they are not well-educated, and their discussion leaves one to believe they are not financially literate, and often their claims of accomplishments are such as to strain credulity. Whether apparent basher, or apparent jerk, the effect can be the same to reduce the utility of the board. In reality the jerks on the boards could be bashers using a different tactic, and the apparent bashers could simply be jerks.

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