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  • b_leaguered b_leaguered Jan 16, 2013 8:59 PM Flag

    The truth about terry_insm

    Low information megalomaniac paid to "manage" a hedgie short position in INSM.
    Takes his job very seriously and posts day/night, holiday/weekend under numerous aliases which can never be fully accounted for.
    Known aliases:
    The more blatantly transparent identities he assumes, the more insignificant and laughably pitiful he becomes.
    Hey terry, did I miss a few?
    Show us how creative you are and reply with yet a new ID with the same unmistakable signatures of "terryness."

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    • I could give you a list of over 100 ids he's used in just the last ten years.

      Paid employment wouldn't have required anything like that number of ids. This is an individual who gets a thrill out of believing that we have no idea he posts under so many ids. He's a Walter Mitty / Billy Liar personality. In some ways he's retarded, he never matured as adults usually do.

      I'm guessing he's so caught up in his game that it's never occurred to him for one moment that the scale of his initiative might attract unwelcome attention from entities who now have a financial interest in Insmed.

      Those twenty garbage posts he re-posted on Christmas Day were motivated by petulance. On a day when most people were thinking only of having an enjoyable time with family and friends, Terry was in a bad place as usual. What mattered to him was to find a way to annoy us, because we don't give him the respect he thinks he deserves by virtue of his having been burnt so often by biotech investments. His posting history screams out the fact that his whole life is now one long hissy fit.

      He's in complete denial when it comes to any feedback from others which would give him a clue that our perception of him is very different to how he sees himself.

      He'll continue to post for the time being - he has very little else in his life, and until the share price takes off he'll feel that in putting up annoying posts he's getting some payback for the humiliation he's suffered at our hands.

      But I doubt we'll be hearing much from him once the share price gets above $30, and he can no longer believe he's annoying anybody here.

    • Several of us need to keep the pressure on Yahoo folks to rid the board of this menace. I will be contacting a Yahoo VP.

      Sentiment: Buy

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