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  • downbythewater Jan 17, 2013 9:58 AM Flag

    I am sure fudfighter4 is an alcoholic

    this person is very sick.

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    • downbythewater Jan 18, 2013 12:51 PM Flag

      What is interesting and brought me here to this abortion,,since I am invested in a unnamed company dealing with antibiotics is that there is a rising resistance to antibiotics, mostly coming out of China. There are no new antibiotics. More advanced antibiotic companies are creating antibiotics a different way - eliminating an enzyme that the bacteria needs to sustain and grow or they die. The bacteria is not attacked and thus can't mutate. Therefore no resistance.
      This board I am sure has a few sincere// looking for information posters but is overrun by an alcoholic named fudfighter4 and yes and many of the posts you read here are just this sick individual.

    • downbythewater Jan 18, 2013 8:56 AM Flag

      You should be ashamed of your fudfighter4 name.
      So you continue with this new moniker "blasedp31" as if you were not continuing your behavior.

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      • What do you have against alcoholics? Are you an alcoholphobe? Based upon your previous and subsequent posts you might consider taking up drinking.

        It appears you have no clue as to the business world, and specifically biotech investing. Most biotech involve a long term approach, maybe 8 to 10 years in some cases. If you wanted a safer investment, try US govts. or money market.
        Terry and his aliases may be traders, so their investment time period is a lot shorter.

        If you feel Insmed is a shell, you should get out of the stock, and as quick as you can, get on the phone with Levi and Korsinsky, and become one of the lead plaintiffs. It won't cost you anything.

        Maybe you can elaborate to this Message Board your knowledge of Executive Compensation in Public Companies, and how those Committees determine the compensation and bonus structure of their Executives and Board Members. Don't forget to include why you think it's excessive other than you think so.

        Lastly, I'm not Fud. Nice try, though.

    • that would explain a lot.

      Busy trading before the "debt talks start". Insmed remains an obscure comapny that is attracting no interest.There is no Institutional buying.The short interest ,after a 4 week lull has tried to increase their position but the volume is simply not there The runup WAS Manipulation.Ayer is in for free and sold half. Good Luck
      by terry_insm.Oct 27, 2012 12:00 PM.
      "The institutional data will tell more of the story but the main story is
      Willie the hedge fund president and the 26 M dollar betting parlor ".

    • Does your teacher know you're on the computer? You're supposed to be taking a nap.

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