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  • mobiletechsolutions Jan 20, 2013 10:31 PM Flag

    Wow this is amazing news ADXS might have a treatment or cure for cervical cancer! Phase 2 trials

    This is one greatly undiscovered stock trades near the 52 week low for mere pennies on the dollar but has Phase 2 trial results coming soon for the treatment or cure of cervical cancer!! If successful this came treatment might be used to treat many other forms of cancer in the human body. Phase one was a complete success! New VP just added weeks ago is the same guy that was VP of ImClone and helped them seal a major buyout deal. He has industry connections and the skill set required to takes ADXS on ward and up ward!

    Check them out add them to your watch list if nothing else they should be fun to watch go up everyday if nothing else! lol

    Peace to you in 2013 I hope many of your investments are not only successfully but double in value this month alone!


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    • I own INSM for over 9 years and I own ADXS with over 500k shares-I am a strong believer in both but ADXS can make you rich for a very small amount of cash invested at these price levels-both stocks are gonna have a great 2013,very much green.

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    • Re: Wow this is amazing news ADXS- by kvnmccdd.Nov 30, 2012 ADXS now doubled to .0650. Put this one on your watch list. This one will be $2.00 one day.
      OTHAY kevie! sucker your friends at INSM with a posstock.
      You and the vast majority here are underwater..... might be 1 investor who believes your nonsense.
      Help kvnmccdd..............
      Many thumbs please

      kvnmccdd- 95,000 shares @11.15 !
      Re: I now own 84,800 shares of insmed once again.
      Bought more today now up to 84,800 shares....keep'em coming! kvnmccdd

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      • mobiletechsolutions Jan 21, 2013 1:43 PM Flag

        Well it does appear that INSM is toward the bottom of the chart range so maybe there is some room to play this one on the upside. But with ADXS we have major news coming out in the next 30 days and your also correct that this start up bio stock is trading for pennies. If your willing to risk a small amount of cash on this play thou you will come out insanely better than the same investment in INSM your talking hundreds of thousands of shares and not tens of thousands. With more risk comes more reward. Lets do this we can all mark this post and follow both companies for the next 30 days lets see which one makes the most percentage increase ADXS vs INSM.

        And secretly I hope they both kick butt, but also I have way more shares of ADXS so I'm going to cast my vote on them!!

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