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  • rehdvm2004 rehdvm2004 Feb 1, 2013 1:27 PM Flag

    Iplex is a safe and efficacious drug . . .

    amenable to successful clinical trial by any medically intellegent company that understood the mechanism of action and the safety margins for the drug. You cannot give a drug to premies or short stature (young kids) that is not substantially safe and efficacious. Neither the FDA, EMEA or any regulatory group would even allow it to go to clinical trial. The problem in INSM's past is they planned their clinical trials incorrectly.

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    • The only people investing in Premiplex is the European consortium that got 54 million krona to pursue development. That is Premacure, their clinical partners and the two biogroups that are going to make Premiplex. What does anyone, even a half-wit, believe that money is going to be used for? GA in March of 2009 said (sic), "It is going to take 18 months to get a CRO to develop a new source of Iplex." Based upon Dr. Ley's pharmacokinetic study in premies, they have demonstrated they can achieve the 20-60 microgram per unit of blood level that is the normal range for fetuses in utero. The data on how soon those babies came out of Premie ICU is not out yet, but whatever the data was . . . Europe bought in. EOS.

      The sad news is that Jan Borg says there are no plans for followers of Iplex/Premiplex to buy into Premacure. I think the Euroclear filing was a hedge on no big biopharma negotiating a deal. But like the Spumper are always saying on this MB . . . "A deal is in the works, they just can tell anyone anything."

      The bottom line is the development is with Premacure and there is currently no opportunity for investment. I asked and transferred Dr. Borg's message to this MB because a few are still interested in Iplex/Premiplex. But INSM is not. That is why they outlicensed the materials and the IP.

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      • I guess they used the same translator they used in 2007 for the MTA and in 2012 for the outlicense. I how bhdf elbow does not worry to much about that. I know woundedelbow worried about everything about the license in Europe.

        Sad but true.

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      • Rummy,

        You just posted this:

        But like the Spumper are always saying on this MB . . . "A deal is in the works, they just can tell anyone anything.

        I read this board and don't see any "spumpers" posting that. Show me, or admit that perhaps you should not have posted that outright lie......

        Also, what in the world is wrong with licensing?????

        And then you say this:

        I asked and transferred Dr. Borg's message to this MB

        I don't believe that you ever talked to Dr. Borg. One, he's not a doctor, and Two, he speaks Swedish. Do you speak Swedish? Of course you do!!!!

        You are way worse than Terry, at least he enjoys being laughed at.

    • Investing is more than applauding the science of a drug.
      A competent management and science team is needed as well as investors to make the science a practical drug in the marketplace.
      With the INSM stock,an iplex component should have no bearing on the share price. Its been 4 years...

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      • Why is it that every time someone even mentions iplex/premiplex, you throw an absolute hissy fit? I find it curious that you feel compelled to quash any positive expectations from IGF-1/BP-3 on a 24/7/365 basis. Now THAT sounds like that big important job that backpalm has.


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