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  • kvnmccdd kvnmccdd Feb 7, 2013 11:56 PM Flag

    Cash-rich drugmakers primed for $10B-plus deals-January 7, 2013

    Richard, nice average you must be up about 80% here . I do not think a buyout is in the works in the next 12 months but in 2014 is a real chance.


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    • There is no reason to feel so threatened by someone who has accurately traded a stock you, like fud,have been completely wrong about...nor is it necessary to talk to your new ID and thuumbdown all my posts.Please put me on ignore.I am glad you took my AMLN suggestion....
      Even with you clowns on ignore your stink comes through.
      ps- Insmed is not a takeover target in 2014,even you should realize that.

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      • From another discussion board -
        by bohemianclubman . Jan 27, 2013 8:54 AM . Permalink
        3. Are Bashers often mild or full-blown cases of personality disorder?
        a. If you follow Yahoo message boards, you often find complete jerks who post junk, insult people, and generally ruin the board, and yet they are not bashers. They are jerks. I suppose that since most boards are followed by longs (longs being more common than shorts), a good place to be a jerk (or to pretend to be wealthy and smart) is on a Yahoo Board. Unlike polite company, you are never forced to leave. To my observation, many Bashers display in their syntax, spelling, punctuation that they are not well-educated, and their discussion leaves one to believe they are not financially literate, and often their claims of accomplishments are such as to strain credulity. Whether apparent basher, or apparent jerk, the effect can be the same to reduce the utility of the board. In reality the jerks on the boards could be bashers using a different tactic, and the apparent bashers could simply be jerks.

      • Threatened by a moron? By a liar and fraud? Your dumbest post this week. Tell the truth: you own no shares and no job.

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