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  • kvnmccdd kvnmccdd Feb 6, 2013 10:35 PM Flag

    Cash-rich drugmakers primed for $10B-plus deals-January 7, 2013

    Analysts: Cash-rich drugmakers primed for $10B-plus deals

    January 7, 2013 | By Tracy Staton

    Look--out on the horizon. It's not a bird, or a plane or a megadeal of the 2009 variety. It's a superdeal, a buyout of $10 billion or more. And according to analysts, pharma is about to hopscotch through a series of them.

    As Bloomberg reports in advance of JPMorgan's annual healthcare conference, which begins today, Big Pharma is buffed up for M&A action. Slimmed down after cost-cutting programs and flush with cash, top drugmakers are out shopping--because they're still in need of new revenue and new drugs to fill the gaps left by newly off-patent blockbusters.

    "With cost restructuring and portfolio realignments largely behind us, pharma is now more ready to make bigger moves again," JPMorgan Chase's Henry Gosebruch told the news service. "They are going to be back in a more aggressive way."


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    • Richard, nice average you must be up about 80% here . I do not think a buyout is in the works in the next 12 months but in 2014 is a real chance.


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    • I have several articles in the last 30 days about big phama flush with cash. I got insm at $3.94 and very happy to date. Do you think insm could be a buy out play?

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      • Richard Brown posted this:
        I have several articles in the last 30 days about big phama flush with cash. I got insm at $3.94 and very happy to date. Do you think insm could be a buy out play?
        Terry was happy to respond:
        ps- Insmed is not a takeover target in 2014,even you should realize that.
        I haven't really seen Richardbrown here - he may not know that terry is an insignificant liar.

        Richard - In July of 2006 a company named Corrus was purchased by Gilead for 365 Million, plus an undisclosed settlement of a suit that had been filed against Corrus. All told maybe a half billion dollars - give or take.
        Corrus was right in the middle of of phase III trials for Cayston - which eventually won FDA approval as a treatment for Cystic Fibrosis.
        Arikace has presented phase II results that were far better than Caystons.
        In July of 2006, at the time of the merger, Gilead had a market cap of just over 10 Billion dollars.
        Gilead now has a market cap of 61 Billion dollars.
        Gilead could purchase Insmed for Arikace without batting an eye.
        Eventually Cystic Fibrosis patients are expected to use alternative drugs during their current "off" periods.
        Gilead could "own" the cystic fibrosis antibiotic market by purchasing Insmed and getting arikace approved.
        Insmed has far higher hopes for arikace, and would likely spurn any takeover overtures - the price would have to be many times where it is today.
        How this all plays out is anyones guess, but a simple - ps-Insmed is not a takeover target in 2014, even you should know that, should tell you something about that poster.

      • Could be, but not before phase III results

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