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  • rehdvm2004 rehdvm2004 Feb 14, 2013 7:36 PM Flag

    Two points of interest . . .

    zake - I engage the misinformation that permeates this MB because it is generally false and misleading to investors who silently monitor the dialog hoping for some little spec of truthful information to decern the difference between strong buy and my simple recommendation (since Lewis took over) to buy. Remember the strong buy cluster has been touting acquisition since 2007 and the Settlement Agreement, the MMD failure, the clinical hold for all four Phase III Arikace trials, etc. Regardless of the SP, which Longs are interested in and is important to any recommendation, these jokers are touting strong buy.

    To prove my point, I will comment on "latent TB" per fuds request in his/her thread that I keep on ignore (I cannot respond directly) but I monitor because of the total disregard for any semblence of truth, or fair and balanced reporting.

    Latent TB, any source you want to look at for DD, on any search engine:

    Is a non-contagious, asymptomatic form of TB in which a person is TB positive by repeated skin test (or other repeated diagnostic test for TB test such as interferon test) and is treated to prevent the disease from becoming clinically active and infectious. In the US, the treatment is 9 months of isoniazid, but a more stringent treatment of rotating multiple anti-TB drugs is followed in countries where this subclinical infection is more prevelent, or is not routinely tested. In the US, employment physicals for academic institutions (employees and students), hospitals and health care workers include TB testing, or annual TB testing to ensure non-exposure. So what is being proposed by the other latent TB thread is that a (what was the estimate $30,000 per year Arikace treatment) would be substituted for a treatment that would cost less than $50 in the US (100 tablets of isoniazid generic costs

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • rehvdm, I get it, you are the truth keeper on this particular message board. Thank goodness, we wouldn't want those that "silently moniter" this board to see anything but the truth.

      Like when Fud said that over 200000 Americans suffer from non CF bronchiectasis, and you set him straight that the "real" number is actually 3000! Wow, what a difference, and you even posted your source - freemd - a site that has streaming advertisements across the bottom and quotes their own source from 1996! The American College of Chest Physicians says there were 110000 hospitalized in 2010 for non CF bronchiectasis. I would think a doc like yourself would find that type of info more meaningful.

      How about when you suggested that perhaps news had leaked as to which European trial patiens were on TOBI, and which were on Arikace? Do you remember that faux pas? Of course the problem is that the trial is open label, and everyone involved knows what everyone else is on. By the way, those being treated twice a day are on TOBI, while the once a day patients are on Arikace. That happens to be the convenience part of this whole proposition.

      My favorite though is how you have said over and over that Wedbush (ok, you say Webbrush) "leaked" the info about the foamy macrophages. You say it as though it is perfectly OK for Wedbush to have this info, as long as they don't "leak" that info to us. Let me explain something to you rehvdm. Companies cannot share non-public information with their analysts - the SEC doesn't allow it.

      Later, I would like to attempt to teach you how to copy and paste. Telling us to click on this, and then click on that, and then do something else is getting old when you could simply copy and paste, and tell us where the info came from.

      Have a nice day.

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