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  • bohemianclubman bohemianclubman Mar 5, 2013 12:32 PM Flag


    I think it's great that bozo keeps telling us about his trades in almost real time, and even better that he asks himself which trading platform he uses, but I thought I might gain a better picture of Insmed by listening to yesterdays conference.

    Some here have probably read s3187, in particular Title VIII of the act. While this conference was much like the last, this time Lewis gave a timeline for achieving QIDP status, while last call he just mentioned it. The results for CF are, of course, due mid-year. That is also the timeline Lewis gave for arikace gaining QIDP status from the FDA.

    Obviously some here have attempted to elaborate on the ramifications of achieving QIDP under the GAIN act, but it may be easier to just read about it, as Title VIII is by far the shortest section of the bill.

    Lewis also spent time talking about the extension studies and how they could influence the arikace label. He spoke at some length about manufacturing plans, and he explained how arikace, if successful in treating NTM , could come with a premium price tag due to the length and number of hospitalizations for NTM patients.

    He explained how many TOBI patients take the treatment once, and then skip the later in the day treatment, which makes the "bug" more resistant to TOBI, and less effective, and how aware the regulatory agencies are of that problem

    Overall, Insmed shareholders are a little more than a quarter away from having a combination of events transpire that will forever change the landscape for this company - good or bad. If there was not enough evidence from previous results that the landscape will change for the good, I wouldn't be here.

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    • Great call.., The Qualified Infectious Disease Product classification expected by mid year. Love it.

    • Either you are the only one listening to yesterday's conference or those who listened were underwhelmed. This little $6.05 stock has traded a mere 10,700 shares as of 12:39 pm according to etrade. Not very encouraging.....

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      • Terry, here's the problem:

        You assured us on February 4 -

        "The dog trial is a given."

        Rehdvm assured us on December 12 -

        "The dog trial (which is a repeat preclinical study, BTW) has a 99% chance of showing nothing precancerous."

        There is little buying pressure at this time mainly because the vast majority of investors are wiser than you. They will hold back until they know for certain that there will be no further delay as a result of the data from the dog study.

        However, if and when that IS confirmed I'm certain that heavy demand for shares will cause the share price to take off like a rocket.

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