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  • levonchiko levonchiko Mar 12, 2013 3:20 PM Flag

    New Fidelity ownership on SEC fillings

    Item 1: Reporting Person - FMR LLC
    Item 4: Delaware
    Item 5: 1,893,146
    Item 6: 0
    Item 7: 4,700,346
    Item 8: 0
    Item 9: 4,700,346
    Item 11: 14.992%
    Item 12: HC

    Cusip #457669307
    Item 1: Reporting Person - Edward C. Johnson 3d
    Item 4: United States of America
    Item 5: 0
    Item 6: 0
    Item 7: 4,700,346
    Item 8: 0
    Item 9: 4,700,346
    Item 11: 14.992%
    Item 12: IN

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    • Fidelity has four other funds listed on the INSM site. I recognize the Small Cap Opportunity from one I own. I think the big deferred annuity has a piece of that action also. I bought in last May. Guaranteed 5% rollout each month into a retirement account, can access the who investment after 5 years. Wanted $25,000 per year but it now is performing at $27,000 per year in 10 months.

      The Shire-Premacure buyout has the opportunity to facilitate refocusing for the future use of Iplex. MGH is on the verge of recruiting for its Phase III, Anorexia Nervosa bone deficiency study for women using Increlex. The results of that study clearly showed that IGF-1 promoted bone regeneration in young women with the equivalent of malnutrition induced osteoporosis. From looking at Shire's pipeline and products, FOB is a totally new area for them. I think they are going to rely on Premacure and the funded plan for Sahlgrenska University Hospital to collaboratively establish a Premiplex production process at a contract facility. But IGF-1 also has the possibility for a totally unique in vitro use at Shire. They grow therapeutic fibroblasts in vitro for use in various dermatology conditions. We shall see, but probably not for a few years. I am hoping that they will pursue ALS and swallowing reflex protection.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Looks to me as though when FMR reported on February 14 they forgot to mention the 1,881,752 shares held by their Beacon Bioventures subsidiaries.

      Oops :-)

    • They are not the only large fund buying....=)

    • They now own 15% of Insmed

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