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  • cruizon cruizon Mar 18, 2013 5:39 PM Flag

    With dog studies apparently not an issue, I assumed we would

    have moved significantly higher.

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    • the dog results are built in to the share price.Yesterday the shorts added., but fear not! Even though Shire got a 500 Million! dollar drug for 11 m, Merck is going to buy us and spend billions! and we will be at $165 a share!.... although I am still holding out for 180 ! a share!
      YTD +22% and on the sidelines...
      hmmmm Facebook volume ..
      Thanks to kvncmcdd and the 10 thumbs on all my posts last night! ... Its DEAD I tell you !~~ hah

    • this event shines light on the emperor without his clothes. by FUD-logic share price should be above $12 this week. $11 million chump change after years of hype and wealth-destruction by Insmed and crony-pumpers. INSM has been a short-sellers' ATM (down from post reverse split share price of $195!

    • That's exactly what I posted earlier today/ I actually thought the dog study was worth $1.5 simply because if it showed bad data we would have dropped to $3. I am thinking the fact that they did not come out with a specific press release dampened the rise. Also, the FDA still needs to Ok the data. So perhaps after the FDA accepts the data they will make a formal press release and we would move higher then.

      But, at the very least, now that the dog study is out of the way and phaseIII data comes in June we will start to see much higher prices moving to Relisting of Insmed into different Indexes which could easilty bring the stock close to $10 within a few months.

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      • This was not an academic exercise. It was a preclinical safety study specifically required by the FDA. For INSM to have said anything other than "we are submitting the interim report directly to the FDA" (meaning the FDA has the first-right-of refusal that the data did clear up the foamy macrophage issue) would have been suicide. How could they submit the data after commenting on the result publically and not have the FDA push back? The FDA is going to convene the Scientific Advisory Committee on Arikace (just the way they did when they determined that the result in two rats was suspicious) and send that review back to INSM. Then INSM will make a public announcement that the FDA review is complete and there are no carcinogenicity problems.

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