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  • clarefrancis85721 clarefrancis85721 Apr 9, 2013 1:46 AM Flag

    Results due in 6 to 12 weeks for Arikace CF

    for NTM approximately 7 months.Unknown is the company's next moves with the results.The rest of this board is trash talk.

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    • Thus it has been for 7 years. At least now there is a leader that reports in accurate terms that Longs who invested in the mid-2000s can believe. That excludes the Spumpers and Bashers who make-up partnerships, make- up non-orphan clinical applications, tell people that "Iplex is dead" when it was obviously found to be therapeutic for premature babies in Sweden, etc. ad nauseum. So Longs wait for the truth from Lewis versus the spam from text messaging idiots.


      Welcome back HiLee if only for one post.

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      • Let's see (in chrolonogical order) . . .

        Two of the worlds' leading pediatric research teams (Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Sweden headed by Dr. Hellstrom and and Childrens Medical Center, Boston, US headed by Dr. Smith) have IP for use of an Iplex eqauivalent drug via the IV route to maintain normal levels of IGF-1/BP-3 in premature babies.

        They have partnered with Premacure to develop manufacturing capability and regulatory filings with EMEA.

        Premacure acquired exclusive license from INSM to develop and market the IGF-1/BP-3 drug that is in clinical trial at (currently listed) two Swedish Hospitals.

        Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Sweden has received 54,000,000 Swedish Krona to facilitate the developmental pathway.

        Premacure will be bought by Shire Pharma (pending future clinical milestones) to bring the drug to market.

        Sometime within the next 30 days Premacure and/or Shire must pay $11.5 million to INSM to forgive any future royalties for use of INSM IP in treating ROP. Any doubts that INSM will get the payment fairly soon?

        All this effort applies to ROP alone. Not other clinical trials or uses are involved at this time. INSM suggests they are also looking at outlicensing Iplex IP for some other clinical uses, but these negotiations are private.

        In the meantime Bashers say Iplex is nowhere (it is in Sweden) and Spumpers say INSM has partnered with Shire.

        Whether it is cut thick or thin . . . baloney is baloney. EOS.

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      • I feels good all over cus you have theraputic effect.If yous own dis stack ipex is dead.
        Buy for Arikace not for therapee.How manee of yous like to divert attention from reality here?

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