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  • fudfighter4 fudfighter4 Apr 9, 2013 10:58 AM Flag

    If this price action just makes you see red ...

    ... consider the possibility you're being played.

    The vast majority of retail investors need the share price to REASSURE them it's the right time to buy.

    As long as the share price is predominately red their thoughts tend to be dominated by two questions -

    1. If this is such a bargain, why are so few people buying?

    2. If I buy now, will I end up wishing I'd waited for the price to drop even further and got a lot more shares for my money?

    The professional investors are adept at misdirection when they want to accumulate. As long as they keep the share price red they virtually eliminate competition for the few shares which do become available for sale every day.

    And the longer they keep the share price red, the longer it takes us to reassure ourselves when they finally do show their hand that it isn't another false dawn.

    They will have us waiting for the "green light" for as long as they can get away with it. But historical price action could offer the odd clue to what's really going on -

    April 07 2009 - low of day $0.90 - market cap $116,489,790

    April 21 2009 - high of day $1.50 - market cap $194,149,650

    April 06 2011 - low of day $7.30 - market cap $181,283,090

    April 20 2011 - high of day $9.79 - market cap $243,118,010

    April 08 2013 - low of day $6.83 - market cap $215,064,430

    April 22 2013 - ?

    We SHOULD at this point be expecting a Russell inclusion play which will make the previous two look tame by comparison. Perhaps there's a very good reason for the share price to tell us a different story.

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