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  • surestockholmes surestockholmes Apr 30, 2013 11:18 AM Flag

    Some want U to think

    Appears some would have investors (retailers) believe that IPLEX is finished with Shire deal and that is all there is. IMO to the contrary it proves that IPLEX is valid just by the fact Shire is putting millions into it's potential promises. There are other indications, this should only aid in showing the validity of IPLEX use and safety. I Won't even bring up the other pieces of INSM and Rus. Thank You Mr. MM for allowing me to pick up shares on the cheap.

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    • We will not find out the companies real plans for Iplex until after 2018 when the settlement agreements expire.That`s the facts so all of you here please deal with it,and now drop the subject.

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    • Iplex is not dead as the Shire/Premacure deal illustrates.

      Iplex IS dead in the hands of INSM other than to one or two times more outlicense the technology. INSM will NEVER contract a FOB manufacturer to use the master file safety information to submit an IND for a clinical trial. INSM will never pursue any basic research options that will lead to some new label copy clinical trial. The anorexia nervosa/osteoporosis prevention Phase III trial at MGH comes to mind. This study is already in Phase III with the "inferior product" of Increlex!?!

      Whatever brand you drink, I want to avoid it under peril of becoming galactically stupid.

      INSM may outlicense their IP and masterfile, but it will be for other entities to develop.

      What did GA say in 2009 (sic) "It will take 18 months and $25 million to get things started again." With inflation, it is probably $30 million to achieve the same pathway.

      But of course, you and others secretly believe Merck has been selling to China for years!

      "Ignorance and fanatasim are forever busy and need feeding." Spencer Tracy in "Inherit the Wind."

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      • 3 Replies to rehdvm2004
      • this has to be the work of just one or two #$%$.

      • red U read too much into what I stated. Simply there are other uses for Iplex that others may pick up. Nothing wrong with a few extra pennys in the pocket. Never did I state it is a block buster. I believe most here recognize Arikace is the focus and has been since Transave. U R way off base. If U take a little time and go back U will see I stated sometime ago Arikace will be the focal point. U R proving yourself to be very foolish and not very well informed Read Before U Preach U R the bozo and have made a milestone with me. I have been around much much longer than U, followed the infringement trials all the way through.. I am not here to push Iplex. As U so try to make it look. And if U R going to paraphrase then do so correctly.

      • Any INSM effort on resurrecting Iplex would be a drain on human and monetary resources. Put the Iplex-bozo factorees on "ignore." surestockholmes just made that milestone.

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