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  • stu_har stu_har May 2, 2013 9:47 AM Flag

    OT (slightly) - Increlex

    Lonza Closes Ireland Site as US Manufacturing Issues Cause Increlex Shortage

    Yahoo! will not allow me to post the article, but perform a search using the header above.

    "The company (Ipsen) also said it does not expect supplies of the Insulin-Like Growth Factor Deficiency (IGFD) treatment to resume this year."

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    • i have a family member on Increlex, who was previously on Iplex, the results are not even comparable between the 2 drugs, Iplex was unquestionably more effective!

    • lux19insm May 9, 2013 3:30 PM Flag

      I still like this thread - Increlex no good and iplex is great

    • lux19insm May 2, 2013 10:09 AM Flag

      very interesting article - lots of interesting things going on the past few days - shires april 30th deadline - hercules warrants may 1st - Lonza Closes Ireland Site as US Manufacturing Issues Cause Increlex Shortage April 30th - and people try and tell us iPlex is dead.....mmm lets see - if increlex isn't working and they have their grips on insm and iPlex.....why wouldn't they just buy iPlex then? or partner up?

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      • DNA was throwing out every other batch at the time Ipsen bought out TRCA, way back when. Ipsen published in 2012 that Lonza was doing no better. Recombinant bacterial strains can mutate to form new clones that produce different proteins and/or become contaminated because of improper preparation. Remember, recombinant protein preparation from essentially a single strain of bacteria requires absolutely sterile conditions, sterile media and sterile processing to get a purified form of the special protein produced by the bacterial strain. The introduction of one colony of Staph aureus from a pinhole in a glove covering a human hand and POOF! The whole culture goes down the tubes after 36 hours of costly processing. I chose Staph because of the potential contamination from the protein Staph A toxin, which is a protein.

        If Ipsen was smart, they would license the INSM recombinant strain and try that. When INSM was in production, their cost was one half that of TRCA/DNA because they were keeping the protein from each batch.

        This is the same story for 7 years.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • lux........ be careful some will chew U out for bringing up the dreaded word Iplex. IMO Iplex was always superior to Increlex. This could open another door. To the naysayers the key word here is COULD. IMO any extra dollars that could be brought into INSM without spending dollars is only a benefit to shareholders.

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