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  • mike75x5 mike75x5 May 8, 2013 5:44 PM Flag

    Buy here?

    I've owned shares here for MANY years. I think these coming quarters will be exciting ones for the stock. PPS is down about $1.00 these last 3 days. Is anybody else buying/adding here? I'm tempted.

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    • I started buying more today and will continue to add on weakness as I am a believer. New mgmt and new pipeline vs previous mgmt and just Iplex. Of course the clinical trials will tell all but strong phase 2 data and mgmt preparing for commercialization, talking to docs and industry execs, gives me confidence...=)

    • If you believe in the future prospects of the company, based on excellent pII results and actions of management, just buy when the RSI is around 30 and CCI is coming up below -100. I've done this over the last six months and have added during this time with an average basis of 6.27. This equates to buying when the price suggests that the stock is unloved.

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      • Comments like "judge for yourself if Phase3 trials will be positive " are silly.
        The " slam dunk " of so many drugs that get to Phase3 because of "stellar Phase2 results
        and then fail because of the scope of the trial and then ...shocked!
        IN 2009 I was a basher but - trading - showed me most believed MMD would be a failure ( say nothing of Dr Allens comments.)
        Not traders or medical people,their "bets " are about 2 completely different companies 2 management teams and different drugs but they are still buying a STOCK called INSM. They finally want to "be right"! about buying this stock!

        "The big boys (sic) that will watch from the sidelines will average in,not risk money.
        Can you be long ands short to protect yourself ."exactly what they "big boys have been doing since liquidity was added.A couple of trades can make up any explosive move , that I guarantee will be "manipulated back" so then big money can SAFELY come in.

        Maybe the FDA wants a US trial? dilution please...... - the risks are just getting started . CF in Europe is the smallest of markets.

        Long? have put insurance.

        Good Luck
        jmho - )

    • I have not as I think the Company has too many if's right now. I think Arikace will be a great medication and I think the company will do well in time. The history and actions of the company and its BOD, the coming and going of key executives has me concerned and so I wil hold what I have. However, if I had the funds I would be willing to add a few shares.

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      • INSM management and the BOD have "cleaned up" their acts. That is the important difference between the huge indecision of 2009 to 2010 and the foreward progress since WL took over in Fall of last year. Notice all the people just having large salaried, accomplish nothing jobs are gone. Base upon interactions with lots of small (start-up) to big biopharma across the years, the indecisiveness of INSM in the late 2000s was painfully obvious. Now that has changed. Again, INSM has an active R&D program looking at other "compatable drug and biologicals" with their prorpietary liposome. Follow what WL says about that effort and you will see lots of opportunity for the future. All because of "biofilm" penetration and "uptake by pulmonary macrophages."

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