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  • rehdvm2004 rehdvm2004 May 9, 2013 9:29 AM Flag

    Inhaled amikacin solution . . .

    is already in Phase III clinical trial sponsored by Bayer as an adjunct to pneumonia therapy. That is the truth.

    Arikace is under study for unrelated areas of clinical therapy. That is the truth.

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    • rehdvm, your second statement is a little confusing. Do you mean areas not related to the current PII and PIII studies?

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      • As reflects upon the other post where two pumper cannot understand the difference between "pulmonary infection" and "pneumonia" and are too lazy to look up the difference . . .

        "Remember that ignorance and fanaticism is forever busy and needs feeding." Spencer Tracy in "Inherit the Wind."

        Arikace is a strong by because of NTM and CF/Pa. Not because of pneumonia. Anyone know how many different bacteria can cause pneumonia? Lots and lots.

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      • Pneumonia is different from lung infection. Pneumonia has exudate and "junk" in the alveoli and airways. The antibiotic has to penetrate into mass and the exudate and "junk" has to be cleared from the lungs. Infection (like what Arikace is used to treat) is just bacterial living in the biofilm and macrophages. There is no significant amount of debris to be cleared. Have you ever seen a pneumonia patient being treated? The put this thing around the patient's chest that literally pounds the chest wall to cause vibrationa and loosen the debris in the lungs. They also routinely nembulize at the same time they administer oxygen because the junk makes a barrier to oxygen reaching the bloodstream. Totally different than a person using an inhaler to treat once, twice or three times per day while they are walking around. Pneumonia patients are treated in the hospital BTW while CF and NTM patients are at home with Arikace. So the point is that Arikace treats infections, not pneumonia. But it will still lead to a breakthrough treatment for CF/Pa and NTM infections.

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