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  • rehdvm2004 rehdvm2004 May 16, 2013 7:27 AM Flag

    What do investors know for sure . . .

    The Phase III trial data will initiate Arikace into the CF/Pa market. This will begin the "break even/paydown cost of operations" almost immediately. I think Arikace, for reasons that WL has articulated very clearly, will enter the market and capture 20% per year for three years. Somewhere in the middle of this, Novartis will drop the cost of TIP to sustain a market share. So this is a mid-2013 given.

    The big impact announcement will involve Arikace and NTM. Any "peek" at the enrollment or outcome from this trial will be monumental. If WL indicates "enrollment is closed" on this study, INSM should whiz past $15 and start ascent to $21.

    Here is hoping. GLTAL.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • What investors know for sure is that these are your opinions.
      ..................that we know for sure.

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      • Boy I almost,,,I said almost, hate to wade into this,,but on this one item, I have to agree with
        Terry...One can not state that investors know something that is actually conjecture. I actually
        started to reply to Red's comments as to whether or not he is fitting his/her own definition of
        a spumper...While I hope Red is right, as that would serve me well, and nothing would make me
        happier than to have INSM perform as is conjectured, it is still just that,,speculation..

      • Terry,. Lets be candid. Your opinions are those of a fool who needs 12-15 aliases to converse with himself about stuff he knows nothing about. I am up a few hundred % with Insmed and will be up another few hundred this year. And you? Remember, on the sidelines but posts all day. Sad. Like a child looking for constant attention. You go to iggyland now. Have no further need to play..

        Sentiment: Buy

      • Ever notice no one but your clones post any interaction with you. You're an unwanted entity on this board. Why don't you assume your previous ID (amlyn terry) and go back to the Amlyn board.

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