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  • fudfighter4 fudfighter4 May 17, 2013 3:32 PM Flag

    Institutional holding now almost 70%

    By my reckoning 69.78%, assuming the non-reporting former Transave stockholders haven't reduced their combined holding.

    I'll post the details during the weekend.

    My best guess is that retail shareholders now hold approximately 9,040,698 shares.

    June is shaping up to be a really fun month at INSM. At the current rate the agents for the Russell 3000 tracker funds will need to buy over five million shares.

    Heaven forbid that the share price at the end of May ends up significantly higher than $12 :-)

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    • And heaven forbid we don't get a hint from the Company before the end of May of strong Phase III results :-)

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      • You can't help yourself posting stupid stuff. It is double blind. Blind to Insmed, Blind to the clinic/patient. Get it? The only ones that know the key to the code is Chiltern - and they are not talking to anyone.

        By the way, the other day you called me a basher. In your little twisted world I am a basher because I call you a tool for pumping stuff that isn't even in active consideration by Insmed yet. Such as pneumonia and TB. You pump those, I call you on it, therefore, I'm a basher. Right?

        Moreover, you are projecting income from pneumonia. To the point of saying that INSM is worth $250/sh on projected (your projections I will add) revenue from off label sales for pneumonia. That is too funny. Of course, you have confederates on this board that provide you unending support. I'm guessing they are sitting next to you or are a simple drop down box away from your very fingertips.

        So, yes, I'm a basher. Proud to be one if it keeps some new reader from buying the fabrications you are selling.

        Me, on the other hand, I'm lovin' the CF and NTM stuff. But, the fantasy water you are swimming in is toxic.

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