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  • mining_phd mining_phd May 29, 2013 3:08 PM Flag

    I am wondering how much of my portfolio to commit to INSM. What % is ideal ?


    I began investing in early 2007 with a $400,000 inheritance and through luck in some investments like buying LVS at $3.50 and shorting Bear Sterns at $125, I have grown it to more than $3,000,000. I hold 1% in INSM and was wondering if that is too conservative. I hold 43 stocks, no bonds and 3% cash. No margin as well.
    LVS is my largest holding with 21000 shares.
    I have income from a large farm ( and government farm subsidies) so I do not need any of this capital. I just want to grow this into $100 million in the next 15 years. I have 9 children, all married and employed, and 27 grandchildren. My plan is to leave each grandchild $1MM and each child $3MM and the rest to charity.

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    • You need to go all in %100 percent. That can turn your 3 Mil into 30 mil over the next 24 months which will give you a good start on your 100 mil goal. Otherwise you will never meet your goal. Your goals are too aggressive to have a conservative diversified portfolio. You can be conservative after you have met your goals. You are already too diversified and will never add 97 mil over 15 years at a diversified rate of growth. 43 stocks = way too diversified for your goals.

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    • You did not by chance go to Colorado School of Mines? They need you up at Shore Gold with all those diamonds!!!

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      • 1 Reply to rehdvm2004
      • Looking to have a good Will or even a Trust? A divorce patent etc... log onto NOLOdotcom and see their programs are written by first class Attorneys.I did my brothers divorce for $122 ( 10 years ago) paperwork . I have all the medical POA Wills from a 50 dollar program. Formed by Berkley Attorneys who's first responsibility was to get Quality low cost legal services to the masses,nolo has grown to where Intuit joined forces to write a few of the program with them

    • I just did a similar thing for "kids my wife and I never had."

      1. Get a good attorney that will write a Will that a judge can probate (read in 30 minutes). That minimizes attorney's fees (i.e., cost of probate).

      2. After taxes and any other obligations, list monetary bequests and then divide the remaining estate into percentages that equal 100%. The % approach should be distributed to cover all heirs (kids and grandkids). The % approach goes back to 1 above and an attorney can set it up easily and a judge can read with understanding in a short time.

      3. For kids who might inherit who are less than 18 years of age, their % may have to go into a trust that is managed by a Trustee. However, designate they can inherit all or part to go to college (tuition and fees), be treated for a medical emergency, or be subject to some other unforeseen event. Pay the Trustee a nominal $$$ for managing the trust portion, but place it on an incentive program (management $$$ increase if thresholds are met). But all who are older than 18 should inherit directly by the efforts of the "Responsible Individual", per 4 below.

      4. Get a good, reliable "Responsible Individual" (formerly called Executor) and pay them a nominal $$$ per year to execute your will. Also have an "Alternate Responsible Individual" who will take over if the former "predeceases you" or dies before the Will is fully executed by the initial "Responsible Individual."

      5. Make sure you have your DNR, HIPPA release and other documents in place so the "Responsible Individual" or DNR Designee can act in your behalf.

      6. Copy all to your Attorney, Responsible Individual, Alternate Responsible Individual and Trustee so that all are informed before the fact.

      As far as INSM stock, it will pop with the two orphan label indications, but NTM is really not an orphan label if the global market is considered. The medical community keeps on finding more NTM bacteria each year.

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    • Let's cut right to the heart of the matter...ADOPT ME.!

    • Well, since you are a nube who came to ask anonymous participants on a public message board how you should invest a slice of the gazilions of dollars that you made in the markets over the last few years, I have a suggestion.
      Go to "The Insmed Guide for Beginners" which is relentlessly composed, re-composed, and decomposed by the INSM Board expert affectionately referred to as Fud. Then, do everything Fud says.

    • I don't believe you......but have a good day nonetheless.


    • I'd have to say congrats also should go to your parents who obviously were able to pass not only a nice chunk of money but also probably some farmland. Farmland in the past 10 years has proven to be a much better investment than most stocks!

    • I can only think of one MB poster who is almost as successful as you, and he's not shy about telling us. The truth is another matter though!

    • You're asking a Yahoo MB this question? You have done well turning $400k into $3M in 6 years. Keep doing what you are doing and ignore all other answers you receive here.

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