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  • zake1 zake1 Jun 14, 2013 6:28 PM Flag

    Just Released..INSM in the Russell

    Got to Russell reconfigureation,,,INSM included...

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    • a666420 Jun 14, 2013 7:30 PM Flag

      Thank you Zake for the update. Does anyone have a clue if we will see green on Monday because of the addition? I know if results come out for phase III and they are positive we get over 20, and if bad, we, except for Terry are screwed. But the Russell alone, not barring anything else, whats gonna happen. FYI, Long since 2007, but never really post on this board. Enjoy the banter, both pro and Terry however.

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      • a666,
        I would love to be able to say with certainty that Russell inclusion will cause share price increase on Monday, but frankly no one is sure. Inclusion is the Russell is unlike release of CF PIII top line data where no one know the results ahead of time. All Russell funds have known for a couple of months that Insmed will be in the Russell and buying has been underway for at least a month. The $64,000 questions is how many more Russell shares d need to bought before July 1, the reconstitution date. If it is a million shares or less I suspect it will have a minimal impact on share price as sellers have dominated share price in the past week. More significantly, in the next few weeks there might will be a share price run-up in anticipation of good CF PIII top line data...which is the primary share price driver.

        Regardless, both fundamentals and technical are aligned toward a higher share price in the near future!

        Of course, there are few "experts" on the board with dueling opinions...I am sure they have better "facts" in their own minds.

        Cheers! Windy.

    • INSM is being added to the Russell Global index, and the Russell 3000 Index!
      ACAD is also being added to both said indexes.

    • Thank you Zake. I do appreciate the update.

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