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  • dirtystockbird dirtystockbird Jun 16, 2013 10:41 AM Flag

    If approved, time to market?

    Mr. Swan Williams, whom seems to have an unhealthy interest in INSM, says this drug wont see the light of day until well after 2015. I am looking around but I can't realy find anything to support that. Can anyone shed some light here for a new person researching the company?

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    • I wish everyone would google The FDA Safety and Innovation Act of 2012, and pay particular attention to section 8 which is about the GAIN Act, or Generating Antibiotic Incentives Now. There is a huge problem in the USA. Over prescribing, and over use of antibiotics has created widespread resistance, and the FDA is serious about encouraging the development of novel, new antibiotics to address this problem. Insmed has recently applied for Qualified Infectious Disease Product designation, or QUIP. If authorized arikace may be treated far differently than many drugs when going through the FDA approval process. I'll bet that Swan Williams has never even heard of GAIN.

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      • Absolutely Bo.

        With only seven new drugs currently in development targeted at drug-resistant pathogens - none of which might actually be any use against the pathogens posing the most serious threat even if they survive the approval process - one can't help but feel it's one of the highest priorities of the FDA, NIH and CDC to do whatever they can as fast as they can to minimise the increase in strains of bacteria with resistance to the antibiotics commonly used.

        If all of the top antibiotics become ineffective and there are none to replace them, we'll be in a lot of trouble.

        I'd like to think it will be a case of -

        "There you go lads - here's the broadest possible label for Arikace. You should have plenty of revenue coming in - how quickly can you put a carbapenem in a liposome?"

      • his name is sean. not swan :) must be a typo

    • Williams is clueless and did not do much of any DD on INSM, concerning WL or product probably just looked at a chart and went no further. IMO the simplest chart reader should see INSM is set to go much higher. His words sound very much like he was paid to write a negative article on INSM. IMO those that followed his advice via article will be scorched very badly at least 3rd degree burns. Hard to believe a person like that can actually make any money writting about stocks when filled with falsehoods and tilted to one side very biased. Me I hope many took his advice and shorted many shares = fuel for the fire. Thank You Sean Williams.

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