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  • cruizon cruizon Jun 19, 2013 9:36 PM Flag

    Isn't it amazing what MM's are able to do to help

    the funds?

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    • Given what's been happening in the broader markets, I think INSM has been holding up rather well.
      This doesn't look like manipulation. The whole market is freaking out that Uncle Ben might put them into withdrawal, but INSM is hangin' in there relatively speaking.

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      • Agree that INSM is holding up better than one would expect on a day like today.

        The shares sold just after the Open were most certainly manipulation - a prospective buyer looking to engineer a lower accumulation range. A trapped Shortie seems the most likely culprit.

        The Shorts are doing what they do. They see little prospect of finding more sellers between $13 and $14, so they think their best bet is to take the price as low as they can in order to buy more cheaply the few shares which are are made available.

        A mistake, I fancy. I suspect there are far more interested retail buyers than they realise - and the lower the price, the greater the competition the Shorts will encounter.

      • You took the words right off of my keyboard, bro. I'll take 0.25% drop over 1.75% any day. INSM has had many reasons to tank since the run up to 14. Given my (very long) stint with this stock, I've been holding my breath until PIII comes out. I'll take this small drop on a day like this. It's actually looking strong to be honest, all things considered. I'm just glad PIII didn't come out today. The good news might have been lost in the tide of bad market sentiment.

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    • I will make a wild guess here that FMR was / is selling some so their associates with tracker funds can pick up some shares.

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