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  • checksurshorts checksurshorts Jun 25, 2013 12:04 AM Flag

    NTM and Mucus

    Reading the NTM forums I've noticed a few patients who are enrolled in the Arikace trial that claim to be coughing and producing a lot of mucus for the first time. They talk as though they're happy to do so but surprised. So is this a good thing? Does it mean Arikace is killing the bugs or could this just be a side effect?

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    • Coughing and producing mucus is a GREAT thing for a person with CF!!!!!! Arikace is a winner!

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    • Years ago I knew a little girl of 9 with CF. She would periodically have difficulty breathing, and her coughing was unproductive. Her pathways were not obstructed, per se, as one would see with asthma or bronchitis. The material was deeper than that. She had to lay on her side while we took turns cupping our hand and patting her somewhat vigorously just so on her back in order to help loosen the phlegm. Then she could cough productively, and breathe more freely again.
      So Checks, I would say the coughing you refer to sounds more like a benefit of treatment rather than an undesirable side effect. The mucus with CF patients is, if I remember correctly, more sticky and difficult to remove than with most other pulmonary infections.

    • Here is data from Dr. Griffith, where he
      showed when patients have MAC-resistant lung
      disease, they require intensive injectable therapy
      and a surgical approach, up to six to eight months
      of injectable or 12 months. And many patients go
      on inhaled amikacin as well. When that does occur,
      there appears to be in 14 patients a reasonably
      good outcome. Seventy-seven percent of these
      patients did convert.

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