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  • zake1 zake1 Jun 28, 2013 5:26 PM Flag

    Now,,,,MY opinion

    The more I think about it,,(and without question I could be real wrong) I think Lewis has a barn burner to
    announce on Monday morning. Why would anyone wait until Russell inclusion to report a bust. This would
    sink you with the investment community. Secondly. Why would anyone scream, in essence after the market
    close to everyone to look at his results first thing (7:00am) Monday morning? You'd have to be crazy not to
    report bad news after the bell on a Friday..and if not, you certainly wouldn't want as much attention as you
    can get to report it on a Monday. There is something more to this pre-announcement...He's either finishing
    up a deal, or he's wanting someone to sweat all weekend...either way...raise your hands as you go past the
    camera...cause you're face is gonna look funny.

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    • Great call Zake. Next time think less.

    • I've seen enough bio-tech's pending data to know the way this has been approached screams very positive news!

      First off, look at the 1.2 million shares traded at close. Russell loaded up today and I guarantee they received news of the results under the table from management. (Management knows the results, I'm sure they advised Russell before Russell loaded up)
      Russell won't load up if 1 day later the stock drops by 50% lol..
      Secondly, some of the after hour trading seemed like big boys allowing each other to cover there short positions cheap.

      The fact he advised we will have word Monday morning, followed by a conference also screams positive data as you said. If results were negative they'd come out on Friday evening after most of wall street is home with there family to try and minimize the burdan.

      I am long 45 October contracts!
      10 $7.5 calls
      15 $10 calls
      25 $12.5 calls

      I'm going to make a killing on Monday!!!!!!!!!

    • No position here lately, but the timing could all be coincidence, due to FD (Fair Disclosure) per SEC rules. Not saying they knew earlier today or last night, but not likely that long ago....and it takes some time to form a PR response. However, if it was bad, some will point fingers for sure! I bet it is good news though and if so, and the price does not rise too much in pre-market on Mon, I will buy in. Sure wish they had allowed more time for speculators to jump back in, with at least one big Good luck to those of you with a personal stake here, and most important the patients!

    • Yep, agree.
      Mr. Lewis MUST know he is building major hype throughout the weekend with today's PR. I see the *twitterverse* is already talking about it too as I type. Most companies PR that morning followed by a CC later that day. Not saying + positive results are a slam dunk but it would be extremely unorthodox if not foolish to build hype for a bust. Matter of fact, by building such hype, it could make the stock crash harder if results are less than stellar, IMO.

    • zake,
      Is it 7:00 AM or 8:00 AM? The header says 8 and in the body of the PR it states 7.

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