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  • terry_insm terry_insm Jun 30, 2013 9:56 AM Flag

    Tale of the tape...can the results be good...but not "compelling"

    CEO Will Lewis has always used the term "compelling" to describe what is needed ,- not only for CF ( in the U.S. ),but for NTM - to be used in discussions with the FDA.
    terry_insm • Jun 15, 2013 12:08 PM " I am expecting spin "
    in any case, the biggest factor in the next few weeks is money, not a CF EU trial.- that I am sure of
    Good Luck

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    • I Love Lazard!............... Lazard Calls Insmed's Arikace 'Still Viable' citing Competitor Concern
      Following a Phase 3 trial,Arikace met a primary endpoint, but a company slideshow which revealed competitor Novartis's (NYSE: NVS) Tobi drug showed more favorable results 12:00p ET July 1, 2013

      Viable perhaps ,but not in the United States. Arikace will enter a market of many competitors in rotational use of therapy."Gold standard and 50kpatientsX30k = billions are for the clowns. Wedbush and others believe revenues will be now be only 40%f of what was hoped because the company will not enter the US market.
      The post stood the test of time, the results were not "compelling" the pie in the sky billions,but the drug is just getting started. NTM will really tell us a lot about possible expansion of a pipeline.

    • bugseypug says "the tell is in the tape"....we are ascending. I wonder why?....LMAO!!!!!.....Hopefully bugsey was referring to this accurate thread.( Now,no US sales as the results were not compelling), and what better signal from someone who guessed on when to buy...bugsey hasn't a clue on what the tape says...but I will remind him.When?... not sure why not sure,,but yeah bugsey - save this post..... perhaps we can laugh together another day.

    • terry_insm • Jun 30, 2013 9:56 AM Flag

      Tale of the tape...can the results be good...but not "compelling"
      CEO Will Lewis has always used the term "compelling" to describe what is needed ,- not only for CF ( in the U.S. ),but for NTM - to be used in discussions with the FDA.
      Good Luck

    • Oh look!! fudfighter4 has a new imaginary friend "juliaadams54" ..anyway.. WEDBUSH analyst Wade commented today that the "data set" for the FDA is questionable...There is a reason Will Lewis dropped the filing based on "compelling data", because the data wasn't compelling...
      ignore on hi as trading will start as earning cycle starts. Insmed in August

    • Kinda amazing the same clowns who scoffed insignificant or myself who "attacked" Jesse or fudfighter4 for completely misreading the short position remain uninformed at best.
      Whats REALLY amazes me is that after poor investment after poor investment these same few clowns do NOT realize what JUST Happened!.
      "PROFESSIONAL ANALYSTS" thats is a joke- "analysts have their trading position INTEREST _ NOT YOURS. Arikace FEV score dropped below TOBI - get it _ #$%$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I got the trade right wife called the results Why did the FEV results drop so much in Phase 3?
      Arikace and... Part 2 terry_insm • May 11, 2013 9:51 PM " Arikace improvement over TOBI in Phase2 by a good margin (11 to 7%),.as far as regulatory , superiority is what Lewis is calling "compelling" imho and therein is one of the risks, as this compelling data must be achieved to benefit NTM.
      imho I expect Arikace to show non-inferiority to TOBI"

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      • Saturday cartoons ,the trade is coming,the trade is coming!
        ",,,BABA is full of doo doo.. Zake1
        bandecamillo is full of dough dough as I am trading this startup. Am I on the wrong side of the trade?Have they been buying or selling or ?

        the share price is now up 4.21% to 11.15. Congrats kvncmcdd !.......just like it was 3 trading days ago ,as they churn it... totally unaware of the trade...

        fudfighter4 "I wouldn't mind betting that at least six million shares were shorted over the three-day period"
        every time she posts,fud4 shows to those of us who know how trading works, that she is so fulofcht. that statement is complete blcht.............An impossibility

        and lastly and sadly, the iplexmonster and the preclinical work
        YTD+117% and trading

    • OK , I see where this came from. As if "Your Terry" ! is the ultimate argument winner (sic)
      I would never say a 2 year delay for a mandated FDA U.S trial since discussion design trial filing approval and launch would be closer to 3 years. (

    • trade is above 10 but the funds are still covering, hence the wall. When analysts move up after a mediocre report on Arikace,they are looking out for only themselves...
      Good Luck

    • jmo =As an INSM investor /trader, yesterday adds clarity. CF results are barely equal to the cheaper powder TIP from pharma powerhouse Novartis. CEO Will Lewis now hopes to talk to the FDA about a pathway in the U.S...They didnt do a trial in the US in first place here? Why? I suspect what was mentioned at the CC,The trial was only 3 months and the FDA probably wants a more through longer study(a guess)
      TIP is approved launched and has EU blessing. Arikace may fit into the rotation in years ahead and compliance and convenience are a plus, but do governments and insurance co's care? show me the Money!

      The big winner was NTM, and imho will move to the forefront of the co's focus and investment, a failure there and the co is a bust( or pennies on the dollar).The QDIP and fastrack as well as enrollment is now this cos strength
      Good Luck
      YTD- opps ....only 113% just updated my trading spreadsheet ........

    • obviously not. CEO dropped the possible NDA filing in the US Listen to the call.
      YTD + 120% aprx .

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