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  • zake1 zake1 Jul 1, 2013 8:56 PM Flag

    What a bunch of whiners

    I have no issue with with the jerkoffs like Amersensual..people like that are only here because they know
    the have an audience to irritate..What really makes me laugh is the old longs that are turning negative.
    No we didn't come with a cure for cancer,,or whatever..but we did meet our primary endpoints. Our drug
    is once a day administered,and I listened to some pretty impressive doctors tell us they are excited to
    have the opportunity to provide patients an option..Many of you got suckered into the exact position the
    hedges wanted you they can steal your shares...Who do you people think bought today's
    almost 5,000,000 shares? Shorts? hell no,,the same folks that employed the village idiots we see here
    everyday..I personally will be back in tomorrow buying more..This price is a steal..don't believe me..
    believe Lazard, and the others..they are investment professionals with their reputations on the line. They
    heard what you did, and saw what you saw..guess what? They reiterated their buy ratings, and prices..
    Wake the hell up...or get the hell out...

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    • I guess I need to practice being a true believer. Let me see if I got this straight.

      The P3 CF study was a tremendous success. Commercial drug approval in EU and Canada is a mere formality. The PPS dropped today only because scared idiots sold their shares. The current PPS is a steal. Anybody who questions this dogma is a whiner and a sucker, deserving of scorn. And whiners are not welcome by the faithful longs. Whiners need to "get the hell out" so the smart investors can control this message board.

      I think that sums it up pretty well.

      And Zake, as I recall, you were one of the biggest IPLEX pumpers basically guaranteeing the world that you had done your due diligence and that IPLEX could not possibly fail. As I also recall, you held over one million shares, and I suspect you still have a sizable position. Fortunately, you have gotten much smarter in your old age, to the point that you are now apparently infallible. Congratulations.

    • I agree with you,zake. What do you think about the fact that drug resistance wasn`t talked about enough in regards to what`s out there,like Tobi and any other used antibiotic used currently for lung infections.When you change drugs that your currently using or have used in the past,you can generally get a better result from taking the newer.Since we have the newer and the once a day instead of twice a day like Tobi,aren`t we going to get a larger number of people converting to ours than people were acting like today? My big question would be how much is Tobi cost for twice a day dose compared to our once a day cost? I haven`t seen any numbers on specific cost comparisons,have you?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Your post should be titled What a bunch of buy buiy buy eh?Aaron ...maybe you can buy cheaper?
        Did you listen to the call Zake? look at the slide data? or are you now going to say something
        about ..IPlex( remember the mouse story last week) sheeze.I see you are irritated by posters who to you are the boogie men, yet it is you that is fabricating to justify one poor trade after another.... yet going short was what investors who do,understand the trade did.I read the data, I know the competition and know how insurance (US) and socialism(EU) work. I can read the tape and tell you who is buying and selling,whining?....No,partying...

        blah blah bah
        zake1 • Jun 25, 2013 11:11 PM Try this.Look this up Small-Cap Biotech Poised for a Quick Double-Digit Pop
        A- terry_insm • Jun 26, 2013 9:08 AM Who is the "StreetAuthority Network" ..... double digit advertising

        zake1 • Jun 30, 2013
        Boy,,,this is tasty...!! My good friend Terry is so beside himself"
        A- YTD +123%

        zake1 • Jun 25, 2013 10:35 AM
        Terry...I got my shares...Aren't you gonna congratulate me?
        A Replies to zake1 terry_insm • Jun 25, 2013 10:46 AM No, you can get them cheaper - )

        Bashing? or investing?

    • Zake,find a Harrah's near you and BO and I just may have to come meet you and let you buy us dinner.


    • A tall drink has me thinking like you, zake :)

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      • I think it has everything to do with a 20% haircut. These haircuts are pilling on. I have a very reduced amount of shares. I'm OK where I am. I'm certainly disappointed. While the news seemed good, the fact of the matter is my portfolio was reduced...and that's real. So, to ridicule a frustrated long is, well, ridiculous. Zake, do you like having less money? Do you like the games people play at our expense? This board certainly is a place we can share, and express both pleasure and frustrations. Screw the liars...they're transparent. The frustrated folks are the real seems to me at least.

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