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  • fudfighter4 fudfighter4 Jul 3, 2013 4:11 AM Flag

    Kennethtdc - seek professional help

    Re your -

    "What's funny to me is you want to crucifie Terry for maybe being wrong in the future when you have been nothing but and repeatedly wrong in the past."

    - it beggars belief you're so gullible that you've swallowed hook, line and sinker what Terry has been feeding you all these years.

    It usually doesn't take very long for somebody new to realise that Terry is an intellectually-challenged misfit whose life sucks to such an extent that he's taken refuge in a multi-id fantasy World in these forums.

    If you take a closer look at what he's posted you'll see that well over 95% has comprised of nothing more than vague hints that he knows what's happening.

    Here's a good example from yesterday -

    "Expect a relief rally before Insmed trades in a range till year end."

    Doubtless you were impressed. But all he offered there was a combination of "rear view mirror" wisdom (it was obvious by then from the price movement that the stock had been oversold) combined with a prediction so vague as to make it impossible for him to be wrong.

    Ask yourself why he didn't specify the range he wanted you to believe he had in mind.

    By contrast, well over 95% of what I've posted has comprised of hard information.

    I'm not sure what could have skewed your perspective to such an extent that you view accurate and relevant information as "nothing but and repeatedly wrong in the past". But somebody who specialises in mental health might be able to help you.

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    • You insinuate that I believe what terry is peddling, I don't. I brought him up because you are always pointing your finger at him and don't seem to realize the other three are pointing right back at you. I felt you needed a reminder that you haven't been so right around here (talk about fantasy land). It is true that 95 % of what you post is comprised of hard information but it is also true that 95% of your conclusions and prognostications based on that information has been dead wrong. If I were to grade you based on eloquent posts loaded with content I would give you an A but based on the results of your conclusions, I have to say, you fail miserably.

      I think the definition of insanity is, " when one keeps posting the same message and expects a differnt result."

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      • "... but it is also true that 95% of your conclusions and prognostications based on that information has been dead wrong"

        Nope - that isn't true either. Would you like to replace it with another allegation which suits your agenda?

        And are you capable of appreciating the distinction between somebody who offers nothing but opinions, and somebody who offers opinions together with the information and line of reasoning which supports said opinions.

        Terry brings zero value. The more I embarrass him, the less comfortable he feels when he spews his delusional drivel in this forum.

        Why should my opinions be such a big deal to you when I put you in the position of forming your own opinions on the basis of the information I use?

      • kennethdc --- what am I peddling?
        As you can see fud is peddling lies and fabrications and personal attacks. Today a post of mine ( a short from Feb- omits the on the sidlines in March - May? whatever and the seek professional help for you sounds sick ........ I asked 6 questions that investors now see that caution was really what I was peddling
        why did Institutional buying increase just 2% in the last 3 months?
        why did Insmed decline a trial in the US after the FDA lifted the clinical hold?
        why has Insmed iniated a shelf offering of 100 Million?
        why has the short interest pumped up this stock?
        why are brokerages falling over each other when there is no data from trials?

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