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  • reggieflautino reggieflautino Jul 9, 2013 12:59 PM Flag

    Somebody Knows Some Big Positive News Is Coming Because...

    The Market Makers are building an inventory. How do I know this? Put in a meaty sized and hefty market order and you soon learn that these little low priced asks are smoke and mirrors with lowball prices to scare off retailers. The bottom line is; there are barely any shares available and the MMs are loading up on each and every single one that comes available. Now they have tempted me to buy much, much more but at the right moment in time. I don't like when MMs do not do their jobs properly. They are not keeping an orderly market. The shares are so scarce so the ask should be somewhere between $10.50 and $11 now or perhaps much higher. If this was being properly handled by computers, the ask would definitely be around $11 but there is a human factor that stepped in and decided to manipulate. Manipulation is rampant throughout the markets but in a case like this, it is so blatant that you can't be help to want to load up significantly to teach the thieves a lesson. Everyone has the right to the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness and those who are running the trade here are denying the common shareholders of their liberties and happiness by creating an unfair and false illusion as to corner the market on the scarce but valuable shares coming up for sale. It is no wonder an officer recently purchased over 1 million shares for himself and family. I guess I should be keeping this info to myself but I do believe what goes around comes around. So this is my first and last announcement to those who are interested in the truth. Use this information for your own gain. I have done my part and I will be competing with some of you for the shares on a regular basis but more importantly, I will be taking the shares from whichever entity is intentionally trying to stifle the trade so they can accumulate the lions' share of INSM paper available and for sale.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Anyone looking at (a) how most share sales are purchases, (b) how MM is keeping large gaps between buy sell with the hope of catching some sales, and (c) noticing how price rises are sudden to trigger limit sell orders will notice how this is definitely a time of accumulation, boding very well indeed for longs.

    • It seems like my instincts were correct. Major news is likely to hit this week. I think there will pps appreciation leading up to it all week. New all time highs could certainly be in the making with the right series of events. This is a keeper. Will buy more tomorrow when I get my paycheck!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Problem is now that if they took the share price up by 50% from here there wouldn't be many more shares for sale than become available at the current level.

      Perhaps they've decided to hold it around $10 for as long as they can, and bank on potential retail buyers being sufficiently clueless as to allow them to have the highest bid at any one time.

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      • No doubt pros are working the bid / ask. Perhaps they were / are figuring that FMR was / is going to keep trimming shares. Judging by volume I don't think there are any more FMR shares being released at least today. I really don't think there is much of any retail buying and selling. I think most retailers that were going to sell sold last Monday and Tuesday or were stopped out, if there were any on margin those margin calls have already been completed. I am surprised that FMR didn't help push for a short squeeze before starting to their trim holdings the shares they released would have been much more valuable. But I am sure they have their reasons. Well see if they produce another form 4 but at present seems they have completed trimming the number of intended shares.

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