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  • cree8ad82 cree8ad82 Jul 10, 2013 5:29 AM Flag

    2018 iplex

    I wrote a message asking about iplex for short stature. beside no drug on hand why are they not at least talking about a FDA apr. drug for that indcation. it is a long ways off but it is still out there. we all went ALS and MS but the drug was for shot stature. What was the amount they where thinking that it would bring in. They didn't sell the hole shooting match of iplex for 12 mil.

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    • Thanks, I thought they made a big deel out of all the money they where going to make, just pipe dreams. #$%$ I thought everyone just forgot about it

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      • I wouldn't be in too much of a hurry to write it off.

        But one way of looking at it is that although a pre-term baby needs the IGFBP-3 component of the protein complex - for any other use it's nothing more than a vehicle for delivering IGF-1, keeping it inactive until such time as the IGF-1 is needed somewhere in the body.

        This potential of IGF-1 therapy has always been enormous - but perhaps Insmed now has an even better delivery vehicle?

    • The problem is iPlex was only approved to treat the relatively few kids with Short stature who don't respond to the far cheaper Growth Hormone therapy.

      To put this in perspective, the FDA approved iPlex in December 2005. Revenue in Q1 2007, just before iPlex was taken off the market under the Settlement Agreement, was as follows -

      $423,000 - Short stature
      $702,000 - Expanded Access program.

      Even the (non-iPlex) licensing revenue for that quarter - $500,000 - was worth more than Short stature sales a year after approval.

      I personally wouldn't expect the Company to mention iPlex again until such time as somebody (Shire is favourite) commits to a development program offering the prospect of licensing revenue on a scale likely to make a difference to the share price.

      Worth bearing in mind that the iPlex asset is just one of several Company assets currently of negligible significance to the share price.

      The inhaled liposome Cisplatin asset out-licensed to Eleison is highly likely, imo, to generate licensing revenue on a scale which will make a substantial difference to the share price when it eventually generates sales.

      And is the following program still running?

      RNA interference -

      [Researchers at Transave - which has 45 staffers - are also quietly beavering away in a new field with star potential. "We believe that we have the potential to be the preferred pulmonary delivery technology for RNAi" says Whitten.'

      "We're working toward proof-of-concept in that regard. For now, we've stayed pretty much under the radar screen. We have three collaborations in various stages in terms of pulmonary delivery of RNAi."]

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