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  • surestockholmes surestockholmes Jul 12, 2013 2:02 PM Flag

    As much as

    I don't like flip trading especially INSM for fear of missing the big move. The MM has made some wonderful opportunities here for me. And I have been playing their game with them. Sold my trading shares when they would not let it hold 11.12, now looking to pick those shares back up. I still hold a large core position. But hey if this is the way they want to play it then I have no choice but to play it with them buying their cheap shares, ( pullbacks on low volume) then sell trading shares back to them as they start buying again. Come on 10. Big Daddy has something waiting for you there. Or are you afraid of that #??????

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    • This is why our economy is just a game to these type of investors. Please save Insmed for the investors who understand the science, care about the progress of the company, and realize the potential of their drug therapies. I am so sick of these puds that play the market like it is some sort of game. To the real investors, stick with your knowledge of what the potential is in Insmed's future!!!!

    • Fwiw I can only think of two potential 'out of nowhere' developments likely to cause a major and immediate repositioning of the share price - a buyout offer, and an order from the Chinese government for a couple of billion dollars worth of Arikace as part of a program to control their MDR-TB epidemic.

      Neither is likely imo until the preliminary results from the ongoing NTM clinical trial have been released.

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      • This one post sums up the deep thinking gollum does when he/she is sitting on the toilet. This post is so typical of fud.

        1 Fuddy doesn't realize that China has their very own CFDA. Not sure at all what the current drug trials have to do with CFDA since there is no reciprocity. fuddy doesn't realize the CFDA is a bureaucratic nightmare. Fud wants the casual reader to think that if the FDA or EMEA likes Arikace, then China will magically order $2B worth of it. However, accepting fuddy's stupidity at face value (easy enough to do) why wouldn't China just order up $2B right now..why wait for the trials?

        2. Fuddys outright silly post is similar to me stating "my life is now forever changed financially - wealthy beyond my wildest dreams. Of course, I need to win the super lotto, but trust me, my life has changed." The wordsmithing of fuddy is clever - she/he hides the escape phrase...see #3.

        3. Fuddy hides his escape routes cleverly in his phrasing so she can say "i never implied that."

        4. fud and terry live for each other. fud and his clones/allies must have a terry or else they could not exist.

        5. Extension of #4 - I'm equally convinced that fud and terry and all their clones and coworkers know each other well.

        6. fud been here a long time and plays expert with every move Insmed makes. fud has market analysis, incidence numbers, epidemiology etc at a level far beyond the interested investors desire to POST on a mb. Fud has never admitted to ever owning any shares of Insmed. I am certain fud works for either a hedge or MM. No other would be here as a hardcore and strident cheerleader unless they were paid to do so by either hedge or MM. Even with Insmed has made boneheaded errors fud cheers them on.

        Me? I'll stick with what Lewis states and advise all other readers to do the same.

      • Read todays article in the business section of The New York times concerning pharma and their thirst for acquiring small bios with significant potential. Me thinks companies like Insmed are on their radar and I believe that this will be more obvious in the coming months. The shorts here could be fried in a matter of hours if and when an offer is made. The fools who spend thier lives here bashing and working their game will more likely than not pay dearly. And they deserve what they get.

        Sentiment: Buy

    • Hey pal, you've kept this ID for a long time will fear the next big move ! Smile!

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