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  • satltsasw satltsasw Jul 15, 2013 1:56 PM Flag

    perspective on qd vs bid

    Like many, I take my trusty statin. To optimize the benefit I also take CoQ10, slow release niacin, fish oil and vitamin D for a kicker. I hate taking this small handful of pills even though I know the benefits are significant. Many times I just take the statin and skip all the others. Now, imagine that instead of something as easy and simple as a small handful of pills, it was a 20 minute regimen twice a day.

    Further into the argument - everytime someone sits breathing medicated air through the nebulizer they are reminded that they are sick. One less reminder each day has significant psychological benefits.

    So, yes, qd vs bid is a very big deal. Point goes to Arikace.

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    • Just curious...what formulation of niacin are you taking? I understand that nicotinic acid is the only form that has proven clinical benefits on blood lipid profile.

    • It's obvious you know little about how Novartis TIP is a simple and effective regime. Two 6 min treatments of a DRY powder vs a nebulized liquid... know anyone that has used TIP?. It is NOT a big deal, but Ill tell you what IS a big deal- a big pharmaceutical company ,Insurance ( socialized or otherwise) and a cheaper product. PointS TIP. There are other issues but the delivery system Novartis sells is quick effective and cheaper.
      Sorry to hear how ill you are.. I'm 64 ,surf most days and eat very healthy ..try it smart #$%$

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      • "There are other issues but the delivery system Novartis sells is quick effective and cheaper."

        Considering that TIP was proven at Phase III to be no more effective than a PLACEBO I suspect that TIP would have difficulty in competing with Arikace at one-tenth of the price :-)

        Few patients will choose a far less effective twice-daily inhaled powder instead of once-daily Arikace no matter how cheap it is.

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