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  • lux19insm Jul 15, 2013 3:30 PM Flag

    next few months

    so is this board going to be as boring for the next 4-5 months since we have nothing to look forward to unless we get some kind of unexpected news? I know a few people have mentioned big pharmas have their eye on insm especially now after phase results and all the fast track hoopla revolving arikace. so if a big pharma is looking at little ole insm - what and how do you value iplex? To ipsen iplex is worth quite a bit.

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    • "To ipsen iplex is worth quite a bit."

      I wasn't aware of that. Roughly how much?

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      • lux19insm Jul 15, 2013 3:59 PM Flag

        or what is iplex worth to merck?
        this is news from the past but none the less - I doubt merck happened to forget about insm.

        "And as we announced the Merck (MRK) BioVenture in the last year or so, we continue to do acquisitions with Insmed and relationships with Insmed and Avecia for a biological standpoint to build our infrastructure and manufacturing capabilities. So I think this will be an important part of our strategy. It’s not put on the back burner as some have suggested that would take place."

        –- Merck transcript from JPM Healthcare Conference (pdf). . . .

        Merck bought the biogenerics facility of Insmed (their research lab used to develop iplex and turned to biogenerics plant) in february 2009 for 130 million dollar including the staff.Thus they should have a very keen eye on IPLEX potential.

        Merck recently bought Avecia biologics production facility in the United Kingdom, the only plant that had produced iplex in the past.

      • lux19insm Jul 15, 2013 3:50 PM Flag

        In 2012, Ipsen sold €28.3 million ($36.8 million) worth of Increlex. - so at least $36.8 million a year and that's worth at least what......5x multiple - $184 million to insm - and this is just for one little indication and we know that iplex has many more indications

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