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  • surestockholmes surestockholmes Jul 18, 2013 12:45 PM Flag

    For those interested

    I know of at least one shareholder that has sent a note to the SEC asking for an investigation into the past few weeks of a particular large holders activities. It has been suggested that this holder has taken out a very large short position and are now selling shares to purposefully lower the pps to make their short position profitable. Stock manipulation is illegal and they have left a paper path. Now is all they have to do is close their short position and the trap will close around them.

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    • michael_coen Jul 18, 2013 4:23 PM Flag

      I have detailed files on insmed activities going back several years, including transave's (funding) history, the valuation of insmed at the time of the reverse merger (which valued insmed at below cash-on-hand), the VC shorting prior to the "surprise" clinical hold, etc, etc, but I have not yet established contact with any SEC investigator.

      IF this shareholder happens to get a case open, please post a note here (I never read the spam-ridden yahoo mail) so we can exchange contacts. I'll gladly forward my files. I'll need to work on them (to pull them into an indexed/referenced dossier, create a one-page overall summary, etc) but I have the right professional (research and legal) background to do so.

      it's important we DON'T trigger the class action "ambulance chasers"... that would ruin everyone's long positions and burn more money than insmed's overpaid "management" ever did.

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      • I intrestd in cyin you take dat con-spiracy over to dat jessey Ventiuuras cuz he knows bouts des things
        yous stupid

      • Alex, I'd like fancy words for 600. And the answer is "dossier."

        geez michael, this is just such a poor attempt at looking legitimate. Anyone that has to put in parentheses that he/she has a research and legal background, has neither. I especially like how you emphasize that you DON'T want to trigger a class action suit.

        Please join the phony line over there by fud.

        As to fuddy's faux fuming - what a clown. He is hanging onto this. Notice there is no mention of $200 per share. Now it is all about how Insmed is a bunch of crooks. Do everyone finally see that fuddy is dishonest. He pumps, he bashes. With equal fervor in each.

        The honest posters here swim in the waters of reality. Some things with Insmed are good, some are bad. But, the extremes? Leave that to the paid phonies.

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