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  • fudfighter4 fudfighter4 Jul 24, 2013 3:31 PM Flag

    What a difference three years makes

    1. Hubby July 30 2010 - complaining about the share price of 72 cents -

    PO'd shareholders who are tired of seeming BOD inaction and a complete lack of transparency...these folks are earning big salaries and awarding themselves bonuses while we shareholders mentioned massive short covering yet here we sit at 72 cents...go figure

    2. Hubby July 24 2013 - defending an increase of 26 cents in three years -

    terry insm called it..i believe he said something to the effect of "the pps is bloated thanks to all the upgrades"..thought he was nuts..he wasn't

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    • But that comment from Hubby has to be right up there in the most bizarre comments I've ever read on this board.

      Hubby has been reading the posts of the resident Star Clown for at least three years. Whereas it doesn't usually take newbies any time at all to see through Terry's sad virtual life of multiple ids and tall stories about his fantasy trading, Hubby has swallowed his act hook, line and sinker.

      According to Hubby - Terry's unsubstantiated opinion about the fair valuation of the stock should outweigh the valuations of five professional analysts supported by valuation models which assume an extremely conservative use of Arikace in four years time.

      Gullible or what?

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      • Right up there with the most bizarre comments you have ever read? What, you went back and re-read your comments for self gratification on sentence structure? Certainly, content means nothing to you. You are, yet again, the board clown if you, for one nano second, think we are or we're ever happy with the share price in the last few years.

        In fact, I remember you once telling me the BOD does not have a responsibility to shareholders insofar as share price is concerned. Then I read a post from you the other day that comments there may be a #$%$ in the house at INSM that may have destroyed shareholder value that we may never have the opportunity again the get.

        remember your $1,200 share price comments a few years back? Remember your comments about how people posting on this message board are #$%$s only trying to drive the share price down.....we all know that isn't how to effectively and effeciently drive SP downwards. Actions speak louder than words.

        FUD, you are least your entity is. Really though, you do provide some entertainment value. After reading you for years and years, that's all you are as you have not posted anything of shareholder value, that I'm aware of through this time.

        having said that, I really wish you would have been correct. I could have used that $1,200 share price....momma needs a new pair of shoes :)

    • Terry's nuts but you're kinda headed in the same direction. Think about it a minute: The angel investors in Transave aren't interested in investing in established biotechs. They commit to hold an investment until a company can stand on its own two feet, however, the world of investment for established biotechs (ones with phase 3 results in hand and a nice valuation) is much larger. Insmed awarded customers of Lazard, Cannacord, etc, with IPO-valued shares that are likely to evaluate by a multiple of 10 over the next 12 months. Why wouldn't Beacon hold on? Well, maybe they met their objective and are going to reinvest in more early stage opportunities with this money. Insmed will likely raise tremendous amounts of cash one more time, but only if they "don't" need it. I see that happening in the 50 to 100 dollar range. Insmed's lazer focus on Arikace is about to expand dramatically into other opportunities as well.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • "Insmed will likely raise tremendous amounts of cash one more time, but only if they "don't" need it. I see that happening in the 50 to 100 dollar range."

        That's encouraging Jesse.

        But given that any institutional investors whose demand for shares still hasn't been satisfied will doubtless wait until next year's offering rather than drive the share price higher before then - where are you expecting the monumental fresh demand for shares to come from which will be necessary to outweigh the profit-taking from this last offering and then drive the share price to such exalted heights?

        Or did you just feed us wishful-thinking on your part - unsupported by the reality we've experienced with two ridiculously-priced offerings in nine months?

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