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  • satltsasw satltsasw Jul 25, 2013 3:46 PM Flag

    Some fishy things going on here...

    I think fuddy is behind it. Look at the large number of thumbs up and down that go against fud. If it bashes someone there are many thumbs down. If someone bashed fud...then there are many thumbs up. It's never been like this before, even when it was its most obnoxious self. Only in the past few days. Leads me to believe that fuddy is playing another game here that is yet undefined.

    Yes, I admit it, I think it is a rodent and works for maybe a hedge or even a large institutional bank that has a lot of money on the Insmed table. It is clear that fuddy isn't one of the hoi polloi. Anyone that continues to believe that fuddy is an individual person who owns retail shares is allowing themselves to be fooled.

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    • ... immature, self-centred, petty individuals - whose lives are so unfulfilling that they draw comfort from puerile outbursts which contribute nothing of value to other users of this forum ...

      The most suspicious element in all of this is surely the frequency with which we've seen responses from individuals apparently not in the slightest bit concerned about whether or not the value of their alleged investments has been seriously eroded by insider dealing - instead interested solely in attacking the credibility of a single poster.

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