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  • kvnmccdd kvnmccdd Aug 8, 2013 11:56 PM Flag

    Google News Flash: "Researchers Suspect That Camels Are Linked to a Middle East Virus"

    When I read this headline I remembered our old Camel friend. I sure he is still here with many ids stalking you fine folks.

    I got out of INSM at $10.55 a few weeks ago. I hope to get back in at some point. Now loaded with RXII after the reverse split and hoping for a slow steady growth. Funny part now my broker is telling me I should buy INSM for the long haul but at $3.85 he said I was crazy for buying. Funny how Wall Street folks think.

    Good Luck to all longs!


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    • I saw that article too Doc. I loved this part. "People infected with a deadly virus that emerged in Saudi Arabia last year may have caught it from one-humped camels" One humped camels is what we got on this board. See you in September. al

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      • Poor terry, I see you still chasing Doc around the message board. Boy, he must have #$%$ you off bad. Does he #$%$ in your Corn Flakes every morning or something? Doc, put you on ignore many moons ago and every time I bring up this message board he just laughs. I know it is hard to believe, but most people worlds do to revolve around you or your other ids. These days I don't know whether to laugh at you or feel sorry for you but either way I hope you find some peace in your heart. al

    • Kevin, so you made some money...congrats! Wall street has been broken for several years. The price appreciation does not justify the job market, etc. anyway, our advisor suggested that I move to more safe areas when the market hit 11,500 several years back. This was in a sizable 403b account, and I didn't do it. I'm glad I didn't....however, I am strongly considering it now.

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