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  • fudfighter4 fudfighter4 Aug 13, 2013 8:55 AM Flag

    Zake - if you really do want to help ...

    ... can I count on you to help me "take this conversation back to the center in relation to Arikase" - and nullify the efforts of the dissident posters - by regularly posting the following view I posted a couple of days ago? -

    The success of Arikace in the EU CF pivotal clinical trial would appear to all but guarantee FDA approval of Arikace both for CF and for NTM -

    1. As regards CF - better compliance with antibiotic regimens is such a high priority with the FDA that it approved Tobramycin Inhalation Powder despite the concerns of FDA staff not only that TIP is associated with more adverse effects than is the inhalation solution but also that in one of its clinical trials, TIP failed to evidence superior efficacy to a PLACEBO.

    Once-daily Arikace will deliver far better compliance than anything currently available, plus sustained efficacy.

    2. As regards NTM - Amikacin injection is routinely used to treat NTM pulmonary infection. Mycobacterial infection in the lungs is based in dead tissue in the airways this side of the interstitial fluid, some distance away from the blood vessels. Arikace has now proved at Phase III that it delivers amikacin to a pulmonary infection.

    How can inhaled amikacin not be more effective against NTM than amikacin delivered via the bloodstream?

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    • I'm guessing your silence is due to the fact that this is more than enough proof for any reasonable person that I don't have a new agenda to "keep the price down".

      In fact in previous years it would probably have suited the windbags to accuse me of "pumping" for posting that.

      Not good. You'll need to come up with another excuse to attack me, or people might think I'm doing the same as I've always done - expressing what I actually think, and why.

    • Mind you - if you really do want to help you'll respond to what hubby has just said to you by asking him to educate the rest of us on why a $30 share price at this point would be completely unrealistic.

      This is all about valuation. If you don't understand valuation you're in no position to defend the trades which set up the recent offering.

      • 1 Reply to fudfighter4
      • I'm not hubby, but, why not let's just say....your whining is reminiscent of my whining years ago when I got trapped. I think you told me to stop complaining, sell, and move on. Isn't that correct?

        Anyway, the reason we're not at $30 is that there are not enough buyers to propel us to $30....suplly and demand baby, supply and demand.

        As I've said, the company's performance will propel the SP....I believe in tomorrow, I believe in what they're doing...but in a biotech like this, they need to do more than make a promise....that's for "Big Pharma".

        But, you know all of're just a tool in your employers tool shed....doing what your told....but, that handle is going to break one day....right Fudfighter...errrrr.....fdfighter2.....errrrrrr.....fudfighter3......errrrrrrrr......fudfighter4.........errrrrrrr.....soon to be fudfighter5

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