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  • hubby_14508 hubby_14508 Aug 13, 2013 2:30 PM Flag


    I saw a repost of fuds, and also recall its non stop whining long ago about the pps not being a true reflection of a company's worth, yet now the complaining is directly regarding the pps and why/how we got here based on the title of its post "why aren't we at $100000000000000000000000000000000" when the move strikes it, the pps is suddenly important...sad and hilarious simultaniously

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    • Btw - that attempt to have others believe I've claimed that the share price is not important seems oddly familiar.

      I'm sure the name of the other pathetic windbag who has promoted that very same deceit on several occasions will come to me eventually.

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      • bugseypug • Nov 26, 2011 7:02 AM 8users liked this postsusers disliked this posts1Reply
        FUD said this...
        "$2.70 is still around twice as high as the all time low market cap, and is around nine times as high as the all time low share price".

        Is this true? Wouldn't that make the pre-split share price around 3 cents? What the heck is he saying?

        Heck, I called him stupid for posting that, but maybe I 3-4 cents our lowest share price ever?

        That would mean we would need to drop to 30 to 40 cents post split to beat that record. If that were the case, FUD says "true investors" don't look at current share price...I'm not so sure he has "buy in" from much of anyone least anyone with skin in the game. Less

    • Hubby! Top Shelf! LOLOLOLOLOL....I think you left off a few zero's though :)

    • OK, to summarize - whereas I always used to complain that the share price was not a true reflection of the Company's worth, now I'm complaining that the share price is not a true reflection of the Company's worth.

      I think you should stick to inventing predictions in the hope of impressing others hubby.

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