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  • jsblvbjb jsblvbjb Sep 4, 2013 10:29 AM Flag

    Are we out of the woods yet?

    As many of you know, I have an occasional vivid dream about the future stock performance of Insmed. Uncannily, just about every time I've had a negative dream about the stock price, the dream has come to pass, whereas positive dreams have been hit-and-miss. Some dreams have been spot-on, such as when the phase 3 results came back positive and the price went down: I didn't share that one publicly on the message board but did dream it. Years ago, and one time since, I dreamed that the shares exploded off the charts! The past few weeks have certainly been unprecedented in the history of Insmed, but a dream I had two nights ago that shone a strange light on the future. What if something went wrong in the human clinicals for Arikace? So far it's been smooth sailing, but what if the long-term exposure started to create some unexpected side-effects that caused Insmed to have no choice but to pull the plug? Is this a risk that is non-existent, and I'm just "fearing" an impossible scenario? I hope so, since it looks like Insmed is performing business-as-usual with the upcoming Stifel conference and October reassessment of phase 3 data to show superiority in the works. Right now all our eggs (NTM, CF, and bronchiactesis) are in on basket (Arikace), so there is no margin for error, and that's why I think it's very important for Insmed to begin diversifying as soon as possible with Iplex and other promising drugs. Wall Street will be merciless for any future setback. That said, I'm predicting 18 by the 10th!

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    • dude
      you cannot be serious
      you simply guess and guess incorrectly.
      remember your "insm will triple in three weeks, I cant tell you why" post...when pressed on it you replied, and I am not making this up: "because I can read".
      to you to say your guesses are uncanny are equal to me saying Roseanne Barr is a great ballet dancer

    • I had a dream that one of the top 5 pharmas bought Insmed for over 2 Billion dollars. If the past trials for Arikace are any indication, I think NTM patients will soon have another option.

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      • I dream about having sex with many different beautiful women. The cause (I'm guessing) is, I really want to have sex with many different beautiful women. Uncanny, huh? I'm sorry, what does this have to do with INSM?

        Pianoman, I'm no dream analyzer, but I'm guessing you dream about INSM because you've made it a major focal point in your life. I think your 1000 (low estimate) or so posts in the past 10 years speak for themselves. You have great dreams about it going sky high based on your wants and desires, and you dream of it collapsing based on your fears. Sometimes your dreams come true and some time they don't. Unlike my dreams which will never come true, (I'm afraid) since I've been married for over 25 years and my wife is in very good health. Alas

        Lastly, I think I can speak for all the longs here. We all dream about great success with INSM and also fear great failure (I wonder why).

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