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  • kvnmccdd kvnmccdd Sep 5, 2013 9:56 PM Flag

    Alberto I got a e-mail from Tom that explains what is happening with the ratings on the insm message board.

    Tom pointed me to this answer on the web: He will look further of what can be done next.

    "What are spammers, trolls and bots?

    Spammers are auto-programs just like bots ( Robots)

    A Troll is a member who intentionally violates Yahoo! Community Guidelines, while synchronously posting decent content with other accounts. This is roughly known as pretending to be someone else.

    I have illustrated some of the consequences you should be aware of about Trolls.

    1 A Troll creates numerous accounts in order to give significant people thumbs down as a result of hatred, grievance, spiting, and amusements.

    2 A Troll adds you to his/her contact list in order to locate your recent answers and questions to report them to Yahoo! Just to get your account suspended ( a Troll also sniffs through your old questions and answers to constantly report them)

    3 A Troll continuously post inflammatory message about sensitive topics that are extremely offensive to adults, not to mention kids. Read more about

    4 A Troll uses pornographic Avatars while answering questions peacefully and respectfully.

    5 A Troll asks questions and give itself best answer. ( this can be known as point gaming as well. However, this is not always the case) A Troll always agrees with itself, so a Troll will choose itself as best answer to indicate he is right about whatever is debated.

    6 A Troll is someone who always reply after you have answered a question. His/her answer will always counteract yours, like pointing out your flaws, misleads, incorrect information, etc, to discourage the asker from choosing you as best answer.

    7 A Troll uses multiple accounts to vote for someone else so you don’t get voted as best answer.

    8 A Troll is someone who rather choose a non-Top Contributor as best answer simply as a result of the Orange badge.

    How do we eliminate Trolls? They’re two ways to get rid trolls. The first step towards eliminating a Troll is to set your Questions and Answers to private, and disab

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    • Resolution in place. Subpoenas set for issueance.

    • What the #$%$ are bots? Alberto this is your field of work. Can these people really do this and why can't yahoo stop them. This is crazy. It seems if the post is on the page for long the rate in 99 times. This blows my mind. Why would they do this? Could bots people be getting paid to do this? Why mess a message board up?

      All this blows my mind. People with too much time of their hands and hate in their hearts.

    • Doc, I got a e-mail from my yahoo buddy and he said they are investing a freelance group who makes "bots" to trash yahoo, gmail, etc message boards. They are under investigation now but has no time frame. You guys can find these guys by searching the following terms.

      :Outsource bot yahoo message board Jobs!
      Need assistance with bot yahoo message board?
      Outsource bot yahoo message board today!
      Post a project for bot yahoo message board freelancers to bid on, or directly hire one of the Top Freelancers below."

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